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kirsty76 replied to topic The public hospital system ?

Hi, Im just wondering if anyone has any hospital stories good or bad and whether or not to consider private health insurance for my child? Personally I had a bit of rotten time in hospital wh...

Thursday 10 June 03:17am

kirsty76 replied to topic Newborn sleeping

Hi I have a 5 day old newborn. I know that it is probably early to be worried about sleep patterns but I want to get on top of it as soon as possible. She won't sleep during the day unless she is...

Thursday 10 June 03:06am

kirsty76 replied to topic Post Baby Plastic Surgery

What do you think of this ? She's 18 and only had 1 baby. How bad could the damage be???? I am 30something, have had 4 babies and my last one was a polyhydramnious (carried a swimming pool wit...

Thursday 10 June 02:51am

kirsty76 replied to topic 9wk Old b/fed baby girl Weighing 6.4kg - what does your baby weigh?

My eldest was 7 pound 13 born and was totally breastfed when I was first told that she was severely overweight. The nurse and I changed her to formula but she continued to gain too much weight and...

Tuesday 02 May 03:42pm
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