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kelnbodhi started new topic Morning Tea or even Lunch

Hi everyone !! I was wondering if there was anyone out there no matter how old their bubs r that might like to get together for a morning tea or lunch to chat . Anyone that lives anywhere in or a...

Wednesday 03 May 07:44am

kelnbodhi started new topic We need sleep to!

Hi I was wondering if you can offer any advice for our sleep patterns. Bodhi is 5 1/2 months old and isnt sleeping well at all. His day starts around 6-7am which is great. I get him up and feed...

Tuesday 02 May 06:10am

kelnbodhi started new topic WORKING

Hi All Just wanted to know if anyone else stress about the money situation while you are at home. I stress really bad but always do it when my hubby is at work. I dont want my kids to miss out o...

Thursday 27 April 08:39am

kelnbodhi replied to topic juice

Hi Kylie I was just looking through the rest of Huggies and found out that if you are giving Rice cereal as a mixer with all the other food at every mealtime – too much rice cereal can make babies...

Tuesday 25 April 10:35am

kelnbodhi replied to topic NOVEMBER 05 BABIES

Hi Chloes_mum I had my bub on 22nd Nov. I live not far from Berwick. Just near Packenham. My little fella is Bodhi really cutie who tries hard to get away with Murder with his dad some days. ...

Tuesday 25 April 10:25am

kelnbodhi started new topic Wont Eat

Hi All My son Bodhi is now 5 months old and i want to start him on Solids. He is a happy bub and is now starting to following you with his eyes if you are eating or if i have my plate in my hand ...

Tuesday 25 April 10:19am
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