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catherinef started new topic eye squints and surgery

My 3.5year old has had glasses since 18months and now needs surgery. Has anyone had this done and what are the results.

Thursday 01 March 11:19am

catherinef started new topic grommetts

my 2.5 yr old needs grommetts has anyone had this done to their child? what were the advantages/disadvantages of having it done. Has any one in adelaide used Dr Kym Diamantis - what was he like

Thursday 18 May 10:11am

catherinef replied to topic Toddlers with glasses

my daughter has had glasses from 18 months. we stopped other friends pulling them off with elastic on the back of them. i found some really good books at the libary with kids wearing glasses and ...

Thursday 18 May 10:08am

catherinef started new topic how to host 3yr old party

i am about to plan a 3rd birthday party for my daughter. We usually have family and friends but this years she wants a party!!!. Having never done this before and never been to other 3yr old part...

Thursday 04 May 07:29am
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