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Belladonna replied to topic 4 or more kids

Hi, I'm Belinda. I have 4 kids, nearly 9, 7,5,and 2. I'm a stay at home mum, although I'm always out doing school, kindy, soccer and gymnastics runs!! What are your kids names? It's nice not having...

Tuesday 04 July 06:50am

Belladonna replied to topic the strange things strangers say when your out with your kids

I have 4 kids, 2 boys 2 girls and often get asked if they're all mine. As if I would constantly walk around with some strangers kids!! My 1st DS and 3rd, a DD, have curly golden hair, olive skin a...

Saturday 06 May 09:07am

Belladonna replied to topic Those First Special Words..

My 1st son started with dad as most of them do. He later said mum then bub. I remember driving along and he was babbling mum mum mum and bub bub bub next thing I know he had run the 2 together and ...

Saturday 06 May 08:50am

Belladonna replied to topic Our Older Children

Hi everyone, I have a toddler, Ethan and Hayley 4, Brianna 6, and Zachary 8. My 3rd is about to go to school next term and people have commented that I will love having just one at home! The funny ...

Saturday 06 May 08:32am

Belladonna replied to topic Anyone made a complaint to the hospital about your post-natal care?

I had my 3rd baby in Canberra Hospital and had the midwife from hell. Things started off slowly and they had sent me home once, but the 2nd time they tried to send me home I refused telling them th...

Saturday 06 May 07:41am

Belladonna started new topic Large families

Hi, I have 4 children, 8) Zachary 8, Brianna 6, Hayley 4 and Ethan 23 months.I would love to just keep on going having lots if kids, but I think we will just have one more next year. I would...

Friday 05 May 06:16am
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