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witchisbest started new topic Teething at 3 months

Hey, our little man is teething, do any other mums have some suggestions or any advice on products that will help with the pain! Cheers

Tuesday 11 July 02:19pm

witchisbest replied to topic should i leave

Hi Mimmy, Guys can react really funny to the sexy beast in their life giving birth ... they can be so very selfish at times and not notice what else is going on in the world ... is it worth it? ...

Saturday 06 May 10:23am

witchisbest replied to topic this baby is a puzzler!!

Hi ... my 5 week old has just been through the same! He is now sleeping 4 hours at a time uniterrupted ... BLOODY FANTASTIC.... S26 constipated him .... gave him BAD (i mean really smelly) WIND an...

Saturday 06 May 10:04am

witchisbest replied to topic finding the right formula

Hi, i had the same problem recently with my little boy, who is only 6wks. The S26 formula is too strong for him, he was passing pebble like green poo - straining and crying in pain for 3-5 minutes....

Friday 05 May 09:49am
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