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Hi Gee this makes for a difficult time, especially being compared to SIL. I guess how you deal with this now will set a precident for future issues that arise. Be upfront, how long can she be tic...

Tuesday 29 May 11:11pm
Di W

Di W replied to topic Issues with Dad's family

Gee as if just having a baby isn't enough on your plate. I wouldn't make the effort at all, after all this is your partners family and in my opinion it should be up to him to tackle this issue with...

Friday 18 May 02:36am
Di W

Di W replied to topic GREAT DADS

Hi All I have been so lucky to have a very involved partner. Initally he got up every single time during the night before he returned to work to sit with me while i tried to breastfeed, he copped ...

Friday 18 May 02:27am
Di W

Di W replied to topic how long was your labour short n sweet or long n tiring?!

Wow Lola mama, I take my hat off to you.....I am sure you will pass on your strength and determination to Lola. Congrats Di

Friday 18 May 02:23am
Di W

Di W replied to topic anyone with children with allergys or know children with allergys

I agree, i bath Lucas in QV oil every bath. The other thing i use is Dermeze moisturizer. I am back at the paeditrician in 21/2 weeks so it will be interesting to see if he is allergic to dairy, or...

Friday 18 May 02:05am
Di W

Di W replied to topic Troubleseome eczema!!!

Hi My 61/2 mth son also ha eczema. In addition to the cortisone cream, our peaditrician recommended Dermeze moisturizer developed by Royal childrens Hosp Melb and available from chemists. Other sug...

Monday 14 May 10:28pm
Di W

Di W replied to topic anyone with children with allergys or know children with allergys

Hi I amcurrently in the process of seeing if my 61/2 mth son is allergic to Dairy, he has eczma. I see a very good paeditrician in Melb, so if you are from Melb i can forward her contact details t...

Monday 14 May 10:19pm
Di W

Di W replied to topic (Working) Mums who express

Hi Jackie i am a working mum on night shift and go off to express twice during the night. My son is now 6 1/2 months old and i have been fortunate to not require formula. The paeditrician has told...

Monday 14 May 01:00am
Di W

Di W replied to topic help 4 1/2month wont take bottle

Hi I had the same trouble. I breastfed using the football hold and found positioning my son the same way kinda tricked him abit into thinking he was getting the breast. good luck

Monday 14 May 12:53am
Di W

Di W replied to topic Ideas for names really stuck!!!

Hi Corryn, Hayley Rose is a suggestion that i was going for if i was having a girl but ive since discovered that i wont be needing a girls name. Other names are Sibhoan Taylor Brooke As for boys...

Saturday 24 June 08:32pm
Di W

Di W replied to topic MY names needs your votes!!!!

Hi Kristy, Great names you have chosen. I like both Noah and Logan, they go nicely with your surname and middle name. I am having a boy and the only names i have shortlisted so far are Rowan and L...

Saturday 24 June 08:28pm
Di W

Di W started new topic baby number 1 EDD 14/11

Hi all, This is the first forum i have participated in. I am 33 y.o with my first on the way (14/11). Of course i joined the various clubs etc for expecting mums, there are so many sites. I have no...

Friday 23 June 09:29pm
Di W

Di W replied to topic Number one baby on the way

Hi Jenni, Hi my names Di and i am 19weeks preg (EDD 14/11). I certainly can relate to it not being easier because your a nurse, as i am also a nurse also(currently on nights). I had my scan this a...

Friday 23 June 09:22pm
Di W
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