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zoe taylah

zoe taylah replied to topic going crazy breastfeeding

HI i might be replying to late but i had the same thing with my baby girl aroung that age, and i kept thinking that my milk wasn't good enougth but it was, it was just her growth spurt, and i think...

Sunday 25 December 08:50am
zoe taylah

zoe taylah replied to topic Expressing breast milk questions - please help!

Kristi, Hi my name is rebecca and i am just starting to express and i am going to freeze it for rainy days when my mum might look after my baby litle girl zoe. She is 5 weeks old and weighs 8poun...

Thursday 10 November 03:52pm
zoe taylah

zoe taylah started new topic cougthing while feeding

Hi my little girl zoe always seems to cougth while feeding there for she pulls off then i find it hard for her to go back on, also at night and also during the day she will dry reach at times an co...

Tuesday 08 November 08:07am
zoe taylah

zoe taylah started new topic scaring after c-section & exercise

i had an emergancy c-section just two weeks ago and i was wondering if anyone out there could lat me know how long does it take for the scaring to heel and when it does how bad does it look. Mine ...

Sunday 23 October 04:44am
zoe taylah

zoe taylah replied to topic Recovery after 2nd C-Section

hi i just had my first baby 2 weeks ago and it was an emergancy c-section, but also i have two abseses one on my stiches and one under the skin on my wound due to doctors not caring.... I have fin...

Sunday 23 October 04:37am
zoe taylah
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