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scarlet replied to topic name for a step mum ?

My husband is step dad for my first 2, and they started to call him "stdad", but it didn't take, they just call him by his first name. Or "super step dad" if they are sucking up. When we suggested...

Wednesday 11 July 02:29pm

scarlet replied to topic Bratz dolls

I am in essence anti - Bratz, but DD (7) was given 1 for her birthday and loves it. The mum who bought it for her asked me before making the purchase, I just asked her to get one that wasn't too.....

Wednesday 11 July 02:21pm

scarlet replied to topic Men's Magazines

So, can someone tell there a difference (to them personally) if their man "looks" or "reads the acticles" to them masturbating over the images?

Wednesday 11 July 12:02pm

scarlet replied to topic Men's Magazines

That's MY point exactly. And how long is it before a magazine becomes a movie, becomes an affair??? Perhaps I'm extreme in my point of view, but I am really curious to understand this from a female...

Wednesday 11 July 11:58am

scarlet replied to topic Im so shocked..

Oh rude!!! Try not to take it personally. I'm not a fan of teenagers myself. ONce saw a bumper sticker that said,"Hire a teenager while they still know everything." I wonder if their parents too...

Wednesday 11 July 11:55am

scarlet replied to topic Men's Magazines

Sure it makes sense. I just associate men looking at them as a lust thing. I don't look at men in the same way. Take Johny Depp for eg, he's a good looking guy, but I wouldn't say I perve at him...

Wednesday 11 July 11:46am

scarlet replied to topic Men's Magazines

Wow...I've got to say that I'm suprised. I must be a prude after all (or mental) or something. I HATE those sorts of things. No doubt I'll get jumped on for saying that. I feel they are disresp...

Wednesday 11 July 11:37am

scarlet started new topic Novelty of the pelvic floor

I was sitting on the loo doing my pelvic floors (I know TMI - sorry) and I started wondering where everyone else does theirs. Has anyone got a novel "trigger" to remind them to do their ladies exe...

Wednesday 11 July 11:26am

scarlet replied to topic should we say something - maybe should be WOULD YO

As a dental assistant, I have been working when a 3 year old had all of her teeth removed under general anaesthetic as a result of poor diet. When the dentist confronted the mother with the "facts...

Wednesday 11 July 11:18am

scarlet replied to topic Nightmare ultrasound must read!

Oh what a turkey! How suspect is that whole thing???? Make sure you chase up a response from the powers that be if you don't hear back from them soon. I wonder if anyone else has had that experi...

Wednesday 11 July 11:10am

scarlet replied to topic 60 minutes mining story

Hey Jamie's hubby also works at Blackwater. What does he do? We are in Bundaberg and he drives 5 hours each way. MOney is good. The travel bothers me, but when he is home he is home a...

Wednesday 11 July 03:31am

scarlet replied to topic TMI Question....

Had an incident when I was only a few weeks pregnant. Kinda killed the moment when DH got "relieved", I caught a wiff of it and ran to the loo and threw up. Don't think I would recommend "marital...

Monday 09 July 05:33pm

scarlet replied to topic My legs might snap off!!!

Hey thanks for that!!

Sunday 08 July 12:22pm

scarlet replied to topic To Pethadine or not to Pethadine???

I'm sure I have read it somewhere, but tell me again how long your labours were always awake. And, more power to you for all of those pregnancies. Panadol deals with my afterbirth pain well eno...

Friday 06 July 03:12pm

scarlet replied to topic Hoping no 4will be another easy birth

I'm with you tenderheart! Roll on breezy No.4! Always Awake....I'm aiming for 1 1/2 - 2 hours for this one! (Told you that you are my hero!!! LOL) For the record, my number 3 was my biggest and b...

Friday 06 July 03:09pm

scarlet replied to topic rh negitive

Oh OH, pick me!!!! I am RH neg. Always get tested that I haven't developped antibodies (so far so good) and get jabbed with Anti-D syrum during preg and after delivery (and MC). So far all of my...

Friday 06 July 02:49pm

scarlet replied to topic MIS CARRIED AT 13 WEEKS

My DH was really cut up about our MC and even considered giving up ttc again. I was devastated at that thought. We lost ours in Oct 06 and fell again in Jan 07. Took me a month to physically ge...

Friday 06 July 02:44pm

scarlet replied to topic About This Forum

Oh wow...stillbirth scares me. I can fully empathize with the emotional impact. Thanks for sharing with us.

Friday 06 July 02:37pm

scarlet replied to topic After birth did anyones bones hurt?

Had a killer pain in the tailbone after birth of DS. But, imagine how much your body has gone through and all the relaxing of the muscles and ligaments during preg and the hard work of labour.

Friday 06 July 02:21pm

scarlet replied to topic What Did He think when baby popped out??

My DH was worried about a male doc looking "down there", when DS was born, he had a look and said "there is nothing sexual about that!!"

Friday 06 July 02:18pm
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