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SAHM replied to topic 11 year old mean to younger sister

Sorry I don't have any great advice, but I just wanted to letyou know that you are not alone! My DS1 is 13 and he is driving me insane with the way he treats his sister (5), whenever she is excite...

Tuesday 03 April 05:50am

SAHM started new topic GUESS WHAT????!!!!!!

Hi everyone I just wanted to thank all of you who helped me prepare for my job interview last week. I got a phone call this afternoon to let me know that I have been selected for the position!!! ...

Thursday 29 March 11:43am

SAHM replied to topic anyone had 2 many follicles im scared

Hi Tara I don't have any advice Im afraid but I just wanted to send you a big hug, it must be a very scary situation. Have you googled it? Sometimes its a good idea, sometimes not. 2 months is ...

Tuesday 27 March 10:11am

SAHM replied to topic Do you get any help

Oh Hun, one of those days was it?? I think you will find that nearly all mums go through this at some stage. For me its on a monthly basis at least. DH works away most of the time so its normall...

Monday 26 March 08:13am

SAHM replied to topic 7 yr old step daughter staying with us... School???

Hi Ellie I know in NZ parents can be prosecuted for not their child not attending school and I would definately be enrolling Nikita as soon as possible. The poor girl needs some sort of stability...

Tuesday 20 March 07:50am

SAHM started new topic Job Interview Questions - what to expect??

Hi guys, I have a job interview on Tuesday - only my 2nd ever & Im coming down with a disgusting headcold. I've decided to go sick or not (thank you to those of you who helped me reach that deci...

Sunday 18 March 06:28pm

SAHM started new topic HELP!! I'm Sick & I've Got a Job Interview on Tuesday!

Hi guys just after a bit of advice and opinions here. About a month ago I applied for a job that is just perfect, 5 blocks from home, close to school, only 15 hours a week, everything I've done ...

Sunday 18 March 12:09pm

SAHM replied to topic Am I a bit depressed, or is this just what it's like?

Oh Vanya, I've missed reading your posts for so long! Good on you for starting this thread, I think most sahm would say they feel exactly what you are describing at least occassionally (I know I d...

Thursday 15 March 06:37am

SAHM started new topic My baby broke his arm!!

Well I've always known that Jack (2.4) is a rough n tumble kinda boy but he's certianly proved it now! Yesterday evening he climbed the fence to the neighbours house and joined in a game of wrestl...

Tuesday 27 February 06:56pm

SAHM replied to topic poos at bedtime

Hi there My DS went through a phase of doing this and it drove DH and I up the wall until we expected it to happen within 5 minutes of him going to bed. I think a lot of it had to do with stallin...

Wednesday 21 February 08:42am

SAHM replied to topic Wat time to go to bed?

Hi Anna I can relate to how your feeling as my youngest has never been a great sleeper and it has driven me up the wall many a night! It does sound like your little one is overtired - unfortunate...

Tuesday 20 February 05:44pm

SAHM replied to topic Every night there's a fight......Guaranteed!

How about giving her 1 teaspoon of each food and then leaving her to it. If she decides to throw a fit, don't let her win by arguing with her (could be attention seeking behaviour). Just tell her...

Friday 16 February 01:00pm

SAHM replied to topic Saving Money and Budgeting

Hi there! First of all I just want to say that I am by NO means the best budgeter, DH & I don't own our own home, in fact we don't even own a car. BUT we are getting ourselves out of the hole tha...

Tuesday 13 February 04:48pm

SAHM replied to topic How do I get my DD 2 yr old to go to bed at night???

Hi there, no magic cures from my Im afraid but you could check out the thread I started a few weeks ago (AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!) At least you will know that there are a lot of parents going through...

Sunday 11 February 01:06pm

SAHM replied to topic How are you coping?

Hi Lucy Firstly don't beat yourself up - you have 2 very little people to look after and that takes up soooo much more energy than a lot of people could ever imagine. I often feel that I should b...

Tuesday 06 February 12:44pm

SAHM replied to topic I did it...I did it....I did it..... YAY

Aaarrrrghhh! where is the edit button when you need one! sorry, I was meaning that gcoastgirl was an inspiration, (although Im pastysez is too) :oP

Tuesday 06 February 07:15am

SAHM replied to topic How many times a week do you......

I vacuum most days, as for mopping the floor, Im pretty good at putting that off for weeks at a time and normally only do it when one of the kids spill juice on the floor and it goes all sticky! Or...

Thursday 01 February 05:25pm

SAHM replied to topic 12mth needles = feral baby

Hi there Sorry to hear that things are so tough right now. I would have to say though that I would blame the gastro rather than the needles on the sudden change in behaviour, maybe she still has ...

Thursday 01 February 04:42pm

SAHM replied to topic First day of High School

Hi Maria Great to hear that your DS day was ok. Over here all the placement tests are done at the end of the year before starting high school to make things easier. They also spend half a day lo...

Thursday 01 February 08:27am

SAHM started new topic AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

DH and I are at the end of our tether with our little guy who turned 2 in September...... He is a lovely little boy who turns into a monster as soon as we put him to bed and we can't seem to snap ...

Monday 22 January 04:16pm
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