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ZavBub replied to topic Worries for Second Labour!

Belle I hope you are right! My GP keeps telling me I'll just drop the next one easy! hahahahaha, easy for her to say. I try not to think about it, but that's all I can think about too at time! ...

Tuesday 31 July 06:00am

ZavBub started new topic Worries for Second Labour!

Hi All I am due to have bub no2 in Sept, and am MUCH MORE worries this time around than last time. We didn't have the easiest labour, and I found the staff didn't really explain anything. I am so...

Saturday 28 July 06:24am

ZavBub replied to topic what does your 15 month old know?

hi All Sounds like everyones bubs are doing well, they are all so different! My little one is 14 months & 1 week, and I have a group of friends and our bubs range from 15 months 1week, to 13 month...

Saturday 28 July 06:13am

ZavBub started new topic Due 30th September

Hi All Is anyone else due 30th September? I am due with bub no 2 on 30th September. I have a 14month old, who is VERY busy and keeps me running constantly, starting to feel tired and ready for no...

Saturday 28 July 06:06am

ZavBub started new topic Throws EVERYTHING

My 8 month old has been throwing things for about 1-2months, and yesterday we went to our first Kindermusik and got told off by the teacher as my DS picked up some egg instruments and threw them, a...

Friday 09 February 07:45am

ZavBub replied to topic Worried about injuries? !?!?!

Hi Jo We recently went through the same thing as D/S was crawling & pulling self up at 6 1/2 months, and didn't seem to understand what he was doing. It only took him a few weeks to figure out how...

Wednesday 24 January 07:45am

ZavBub replied to topic Pureed Food

I agree, just add the carrot to the pumpkin! Be prepared, carrot comes out looking the same as when it went in to start with! I then added sweet potatoe, then zucchini, then potatoe, etc etc over...

Friday 19 January 08:26am

ZavBub started new topic Help with Day sleeps at 7 months

My DS has been going down quite well until we started crawling 1 month ago, and now that he can get up and stand at the side of the cot, he is sooooo much harder to settle during the day. We had a...

Saturday 30 December 08:19pm

ZavBub started new topic Group of Amazing Dads

We recently had xmas drinks with some other mums and dads and bubs (all under 12months) and it was SOOOOOO LOVELY to see the relationships the bubs and dads have! At 1 stage all the dads had the b...

Wednesday 13 December 08:10am

ZavBub started new topic FingerFood Ideas PLease

Anyone got ideas on finger food for my amost 7 month old?

Wednesday 13 December 07:32am

ZavBub replied to topic Flat Spot

SoniaB, Our CHN said that it should go away itself, but suggested to massage the had gently!

Thursday 30 November 09:43pm

ZavBub started new topic Is it Teething???

My DS had a high temp the other night, and had a few little vomits, he got over it in 2 days, but cried so so much, and he NEVER cries, he was VERY clingy too. He seemed to dribble more for those ...

Sunday 26 November 08:55pm

ZavBub started new topic Gone of Vegies

MyDS seems to be going off his vegies? He deveors fruit,but used to be the same with vegies. I have been mixing them all up a bit, and we did introduce chicken, but he took it all ok, but in the ...

Tuesday 14 November 07:47am

ZavBub started new topic Crawling? How? When?

Hi All, My 5 1/2 month old has been sitting unaided for a few weeks now, & in the last week has spent his tummy time getting himself onto all 4's, he gets up and rocks away, but is getting REALLY f...

Tuesday 14 November 07:14am

ZavBub replied to topic Stamping/scrapbooking Cairns/T'ville areas?

Hi Kim, there was a great shop in Cairns 4 scrapbooking, but it closed! There is still 1 on Mulgrave Rd, paper Possibilities, they have some good stuff. My friend gets all her stuff off the inter...

Sunday 12 November 08:32pm

ZavBub replied to topic jolly jumper

Make sure you get a REAL jolly jumper, we got given a TIGER 1, as a gift and it is crap, doesn't bounce at all, the Jolly Jumper brand is heaps better!

Saturday 11 November 10:27am

ZavBub replied to topic baby swiming classes

Hi All, We have been taking our 5 1/2 month old since he was 4 1/2 months, as they start them from 4 months where we go. I really wanted him to LIKE water, as we live in Cairns and it is soooooooo...

Saturday 11 November 10:26am

ZavBub replied to topic clingy babies!!!

Don't have any experience with it myslef, my DS is only 5 1/2 months, but my friends 9 month old has been like it for about a month, they told her she'd grow out of it, it's just a stage! Who know...

Saturday 11 November 10:21am

ZavBub started new topic Munchkin Eating Bag

We have one of those Tommee Tipee Munchkin eating net things, but my DS doesn't seem to want to use it. I have tried Pear, Watermelon & Banana in it, but he sucks, pulls a face and drops it. He s...

Saturday 04 November 08:01am

ZavBub started new topic CAIRNS

Hi to all the Cairns Mums, How are you all going with the warmer weather hitting us? My DS is obviously going to feel the heat, he's sweating a lot during the days already, but loves his water in...

Friday 03 November 10:46am
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