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puck replied to topic impartial advice needed !!!

Thank you all for your advice, Its good to know I'm not going crazy and that I'm not being unreasonable etc. He has since started minimum payments and still wants nothing to do with his son, no ta...

Monday 25 August 06:10am

puck started new topic impartial advice needed !!!

Sorry this is gonna be long.... back history needed :S My son's father has treated me like s**t for the last seven years (yes I know I let him). We weren't together when I got pregnant but had bee...

Friday 15 August 01:23pm

puck replied to topic Daniel Stuart

hey. Congrats on your new boy. Love the name!!! My son arrived 15/3 and we called him daniel after long debates. Can I ask how/why you choose the name?

Sunday 14 May 05:47pm

puck started new topic what am I suppose to do

daniel is the result of a casual relationship with a good friend. We have had a very rocky friendship during the pergnancy and near the end finally came to an agreement. Dad said that he would put ...

Friday 31 March 12:08pm

puck started new topic Daniel Bennett

Welcome to my little man. Arriving 12 days late at 12:31am on the 15/03/06 weighing in at 3.884 kg (8 pound 7) very quick labour after LONG latent phase. Mum extremly proud to have achived a ...

Friday 31 March 11:56am

puck replied to topic anybody else new to this parents exchange, bored with cabin fever and needing to gossip?

Hey, I had my little boy just over 2 weeks ago and I know what you mean about going out. I'm doing it on my own and without a car and trying to go anywhere.... even just down to the mall to get out...

Friday 31 March 11:44am

puck replied to topic Hmmm seems a bit quiet here

Not alot of interest from the huggies site..... too many ozzies. lol.

Saturday 11 March 10:27am

puck started new topic opinions required!

2 weeks to go and the father and I have finally sat down and short listed names. We REALLY want to know what people think without having to ask those around us..... so be honest which do you like a...

Wednesday 15 February 06:34am

puck replied to topic would she be teased?

I think she'll be fine and it is a very pretty name Keep in mind if kids are gonna be teased (and at some point they all are) its very rarely actually about the name, the name just aids what ever...

Wednesday 15 February 06:26am

puck started new topic freaking out

my first baby is only 6 weeks away!! I'm kinda freaking out, it doesn't seem real. I can't seem to grasp the fact that there will be a BABY here in a few weeks. I know that I have done all I can ph...

Tuesday 17 January 09:10am

puck replied to topic Cant get rid of Thrush

I'll start with my biggest sympathies. I get thrush quite often and badly but it has always cleared up with polonged treatment. Something I found helped was just some fresh air. Cause I was studing...

Monday 21 November 06:04pm

puck replied to topic Dreams

I thought I was going mad!! Glad to see I'm not. I've been having such vivid dreams and if I usally dream I don't remember it. Most of mine have been nightmare type stuff including people taking m...

Monday 07 November 05:27pm

puck replied to topic Casual Relationship leads to pregnancy

hey miss c, I started off in a similar situation to you in regrads to the father. After telling him that I was pregnant I made it very clear to him that I was doing it with or without him but that ...

Wednesday 02 November 11:20am

puck replied to topic 9 weeks pregnant, told 6 weeks

when I was 17 my partner and I had our first pregnancy, at 11 weeks we went in for a dating scan only to find that the baby had stopped developing at 9 weeks and I had actually had what they call a...

Saturday 15 October 07:59am

puck replied to topic NZ mums

hey there meuli, i'm from welly and due in march next year.

Friday 07 October 09:54am

puck replied to topic young mums nz

Hey lisa, I'm 21yrs from welly. I know how you feel most of my friends are actually up in auckland. If you want someone to chat to I'm free.

Thursday 06 October 11:05am

puck replied to topic Disinterested Grandma to be

You have got my Sympathy!! Do you get along with her normally?? The only thing I could think of would be to pull her in and show her where you invision her fitting in with baby etc. Mother in laws...

Tuesday 27 September 05:20pm

puck started new topic any nz woman due feb/march?

I don't know that many mothers and no expecting mums so I'm looking for people to chat with from nz to swap gossip, stories and relevant info

Thursday 22 September 11:08am
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