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DJ3486 replied to topic Honest opinions about this name for a girl please!

Each to their own with names. I always imagine if my child had to hand over a business card or get up in front of a group of people would other people take their name seriously. Not saying that Ni...

Thursday 21 April 01:26am

DJ3486 replied to topic Time and ways to exercise with a little one....

I walked my 2 kids in the pram for about 5kms everyday and lost 10 kilos doing it. Occasionally I had to compromise and do a park visit for 20 mins if they became restless but this time was a great...

Wednesday 16 March 01:20am

DJ3486 replied to topic Methotrexate, molar pregnancy

I haven't even heard of this before and it sounds very awful and stressful. I do know I am to start methotrexate once I give birth to my third baby this July. I was meant to start this treatment a...

Tuesday 22 February 04:07am

DJ3486 replied to topic so scared for my brother

so happy to see she is hear..please keep us updated I love to hear good news

Saturday 05 February 01:20am

DJ3486 replied to topic so scared for my brother

Such a worrying time for you all. My cousin gave birth to her daughter at 27 weeks and I just want to let you know that there is HOPE out there as my little cousin Lexi never got sick, had no comp...

Thursday 03 February 10:30pm

DJ3486 replied to topic Cravings - what are you craving and what are you having (if known)

I would love to believe that it matters but I don't at all. I have 2 boys and the first I craved salty foods, potato cakes(potato scallops), crackers with cheese, and pickled onions. My second bo...

Friday 28 January 11:09pm

DJ3486 replied to topic 6 Days of labour, she finally arrived :-)

Thats awful and you have every right to be upset!!!! Not a nice experience at all to have to go through but I hope you can look past that and enjoy your beautiful daughter.

Friday 28 January 11:04pm

DJ3486 replied to topic Help...children's names

3 boys Brad ( not bradley);Blake; Ryan WOW my 3 nephews all from the same family are Daniel, blake and Ryan.

Thursday 27 January 10:53pm

DJ3486 started new topic Help...children's names

Hi I know this has been done before but I would love for everyone to share their children's names. We are expecting our third in July and we are struggling with names...I always listen to people c...

Thursday 27 January 10:42pm

DJ3486 replied to topic Girls name to shorten to Lexi

Well everyone has an opinion and I honestly think its so much nicer when people just name their children what they want them to be called. So if you like Lexi then call her Lexi. Lexi is a really ...

Thursday 27 January 10:31pm

DJ3486 replied to topic 4 year old party entertainment recommendations please!

Yes definitely and a huge hit with the adults too ... Company called Snake Busters 0412 777 211 I called them friday due to bad weather forecast for my son's birthday on the ...

Tuesday 04 January 08:56am

DJ3486 replied to topic Third labours

I am having my third in July however the last 2 labours were pretty full on 9hrs and 4hrs. The first was awful just because it was all new to me but the second I was very calm and relaxed. Both how...

Tuesday 04 January 07:44am

DJ3486 started new topic tender uterus on L side

Hi I am 13 weeks pregnant and for the last 3 weeks maybe I definitely feel that the left side of my uterus seems to be bigger and tender on the left hand side. There is no pain at all but feels lik...

Tuesday 04 January 07:22am
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