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Trishwood started new topic mums and work

Hi all. Im wondering if anyone has some good ideas for work that mums can do at home, or at night. With the cost of everything at the moment, and with having five children, my husbands income is n...

Wednesday 24 May 08:09am

Trishwood replied to topic Older Brother's and Sister's

Hi Beck. My daughter was 4 when we had another baby (we have five children) and I found that she went completely off the rails a few weeks before he was born, (I think they can sense baby is coming...

Wednesday 24 May 08:04am

Trishwood replied to topic very confussed

Hi there. I think toilet training is a nightmare. I have five kids. Three are older, but my son is nearly 2 and I will have to start him soon, and my youngest is 7 months, so a while to go for her....

Tuesday 23 May 07:28am


Hi. My nearly 2 son watches Finding Nemo ENDLESSLY!!! I know all the words to that movie now. My husband calls me a freak!! Also Tarzan. He loves the monkeys!!! I have tried introducing him to Toy ...

Tuesday 23 May 07:21am

Trishwood replied to topic The Other Sister

Hi there. This is a tough one, especially since its your sister, someone you care about. I agree that she really needs to focus on her daughter, maybe have her assessed for her behaviour. Has ...

Tuesday 23 May 07:15am

Trishwood replied to topic First words - now not talking at all????

Hi Sonia. Im a mum of five kids, and what I have learnt is that children will reach their milestones at different ages. They experiment with sounds, stop and start. My youngest is seven months, she...

Monday 22 May 09:05am

Trishwood started new topic Advice on room sharing.

Hi everyone. Im a mum of five kids and after ideas on room sharing. My eldest is 10 and has a very strong bond with our almost two year old, (both boys). They used to share a room together, but our...

Monday 22 May 08:59am

Trishwood replied to topic he says hes not ready

hi there. Im sorry to hear what you are going through. It must break your heart. I was 18 (now 28) when I had my first child, and my partner (now husband) was 18 also. He didnt cope well at all. He...

Sunday 21 May 04:19pm

Trishwood started new topic Pooh!!!

Hi everyone. I have a ghastly story to tell. The other day I put my #4 child, Kallen, down for an afternoon nap, and when he woke up, he was playing happily in his room so I decided to finish foldi...

Sunday 21 May 05:47am

Trishwood replied to topic Changes

Hi Faithie. I know exactly how you feel. I have 5 children. I had my first when I was eighteen, and three kids by the time I was 22. I also found it very hard. I didnt know anyone my age with kids....

Saturday 20 May 07:51pm

Trishwood replied to topic keeping them away from danger

Hi. I know how you feel. I think the best way to keep him away is to re-direct. Find something that you can interest him with. If you offer a substitute for this wonderful attraction, he should for...

Saturday 20 May 07:30pm

Trishwood replied to topic Another Poem - It's a sad one though,

That just says it all. It breaks my heart to think of all the families who dont have the chance to do those things with their little angels. That certainly brings it home for you doesnt it? It also...

Saturday 20 May 07:26pm

Trishwood started new topic The worlds greatest rollercoaster.

Hi. I have 5 kids, from 7 months to 10 years, two girls, three boys. My thoughts on being a mum- I think it is the most difficult challenge a person can undertake and at the same time the most wond...

Saturday 20 May 07:20pm

Trishwood replied to topic Is it just a phase ???

Hi tommylu. I have 5 kids, aged from 7 months to 10 years. I think at a certain age, (a lot earlier than when we were kids) children start to hear things from other kids at school, pre school, and ...

Saturday 20 May 06:42pm
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