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MissMel replied to topic Preparation for when 'The Baby' arrives

Hi I am 2 months away from having my first baby and am starting to wonder wot i have and haven;t still got to get etc. I am planning to breastfeed but am still having back up bottles 'cause at th...

Saturday 22 October 07:02am

MissMel replied to topic Glucose tolerance tests

Hi I'm Due in December too with my first bubby and I went 2 weeks ago for my glucose drink test and luckily for me I came back with good results however, I too did feel abit yucky afterwards. Gros...

Wednesday 12 October 08:15am

MissMel replied to topic sore ribs

Hi My whole body is sore!!! I suffered really bad all-of-a-sudden with sore sides and ribs at about 12-14 weeks i think that bubs wanted to grow but i couldn't. I still get it now not as much at 3...

Tuesday 11 October 07:36am

MissMel replied to topic PLEASE HELP!! Need middle names!!

hi how about Tarron jay Tarron James Nicolas leigh Elisha Bell Elisha Bree Hope these help Goodluck

Sunday 09 October 08:58am

MissMel started new topic TEETH

Hi I am 29 weeks and for the last few months my teeth and gums have been tender and bleeding especially after brushing. In alot of the books it says that this is a common problem during pregnancya...

Saturday 08 October 06:37am

MissMel replied to topic .....

....And when i went to my chemist with the flu they told me to take "NATURES OWN: COLD & FLU" tablets as all it is is extra potassium and iron i think which is good for us and the baby. Its horribl...

Saturday 08 October 06:12am

MissMel replied to topic .....

Hi I had the same problem at about 4 months into my pregnancy- getting the flu- and I took just the normal butter menthols cause i've always been told they don't work very well they are just like ...

Saturday 08 October 06:09am

MissMel replied to topic Sore breasts

Hi bigglet My suggestion would be Emu oil. It is brillant. I have been using it for the last 5 months of my pregnancy, mostly for my belly- it stops the stretch marks!! I have also used it on the ...

Friday 07 October 01:58pm

MissMel started new topic Finished work and going crazy

hi I have just finished work about a week ago and now i'm starting to go a little crazy. You can only do so much shopping a week and so much house work and when your mates are workin there are onl...

Friday 07 October 01:53pm

MissMel replied to topic Is anyone due in december from Mandurah WA?

Hi My EDD is 20 December and I have just recently moved to Atwell (Harevest Lakes), I was living in Warnbro though. My doctor that I am seeing for this pregnancy is in Mandurah although next bubs ...

Friday 07 October 10:22am

MissMel replied to topic 6wk ultrasound shows bleeding in sac

HI I am a first time mum-2-b and as most first timers (I think) have read alot about pregnancy and can't say that I have come across anything that sounds like your ultra sound. I do ask though ho...

Friday 07 October 09:46am

MissMel replied to topic Your Names....

hi I'm due in december and we spent ages trying to think of names for our bubs, but have come up with the following GIRL: Paige Kiara BOY: Jack Micheal The last ultrasound i had has suggested ...

Friday 07 October 09:37am

MissMel replied to topic Disinterested Grandma to be

Hi Bundymum I know exactly how you feel!!!! My mum is just going crazy buying everything she can possibly get her hands on for the Baby.... My fiance and I reckon that we will have to pay my pare...

Wednesday 05 October 12:57pm

MissMel replied to topic how early was you elective caesar?

Hi Although at this moment I do not know how I will be giving birth, I have heard from many recent mums I know that they were booked in approx. 2 weeks early. It just seems to be something that th...

Wednesday 05 October 11:59am
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