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rapecka replied to topic Twins Due in Nov 2009 - If we make it

My gorgeous girls arrived at 37 weeks on 25 November 2009. I couldn't have asked for 2 more perfect children. The two combined are easier than my boys were as singles - or maybe I finally know what...

Wednesday 07 April 06:33am

rapecka replied to topic I'm Leaving

Congratulations - you are a very strong woman and your baby is lucky to have such a mum! Be strong!

Thursday 25 February 07:56am

rapecka replied to topic 4 year old, we need help please?

Forget terible 2's....age 3 and beginning of 4 was on another level for my son. I got some great support from a friend who is a dog trainer. It isn't a natural thing for me to be a disciplinarian, ...

Monday 02 November 05:30pm

rapecka replied to topic Smoked Salmon

i regularly get my smoked salmon fix during pregnancy by having it on pizza, or with cheese on toast. this is my third pregnancy and all along the midwives have said to me its ok as long as its coo...

Monday 02 November 04:59pm

rapecka replied to topic Twins (monoamniotic)

hey breeders! I'm 34 weeks with mono/di girls. Already have 2 boys and weren't trying for any more so it was a big surprise but we are very excited, yet bracing ourselves! At 33 weeks I was the ...

Monday 02 November 04:56pm

rapecka replied to topic ouch, really sharp pain, can anyone relate

Hi Lois From my experience, pregnancy is full of sharp pains and discomforts. They come and go and change so much. As you are nearly to term, it might just be the baby moving. I'm 34 weeks with twi...

Monday 02 November 04:42pm

rapecka replied to topic If you were to give bith to twins........

I hope your scare has settled down. It is hard having a 'high risk' pregnancy, which all twin pregnancies are. I found there was enough to worry about with singletons. I'm expecting identical gir...

Monday 02 November 04:35pm

rapecka replied to topic I need help!!

Hi Denae and everyone. Well Felix seems to have it! I'm a bit embarrassed really about what was the turning point, but I'll share it with you anyway. I have been rather hormonal and emotional la...

Monday 27 July 01:56pm

rapecka started new topic Twins due Nov/Dec

Hi ladies Anyone else out there having a twin pregnancy wanting to compare notes? I have 2 boys already - DS1 turns 4 next week and DS2 is 18 months. I wanted 1 more and DH thought 2 was the perf...

Monday 27 July 12:40pm

rapecka replied to topic Early (unhappy) riser

i'm not the person to give advice on getting kids to sleep as mine are pretty shocking. We've had success with control crying. FOr the last 4 days my boys have woken at 5am, obscene! usually we mak...

Sunday 26 April 01:24pm

rapecka replied to topic 5am starts Pleeeeaaaase help!

crickey,. the last thing i wanted to read was that accepting it is probably the easiest... i know the poster above is right, but...NOOO NOT a morning person! My boys who have finally got it togethe...

Sunday 26 April 01:06pm

rapecka replied to topic I need help!!

oh, and other than with toilet training, he is a very smart, lovely and generally cooperative little boy. [Edited on 08/12/2008]

Tuesday 09 December 04:07pm

rapecka replied to topic I need help!!

My 3 1/4 boy has been out of nappies for over 6 months. It's been a struggle (understatement!). I just wanted to jump on here and say Denae babe, you are so not alone! Felix wouldn't have gone a ...

Tuesday 09 December 04:05pm

rapecka replied to topic Weetbix

my 8 month old got consitpated on Farex but seems fine on weetbix. He is breastfed and dairy intolerant/alergic? and i just make his weetbix with water. I break up half a weetbix for him, cover it ...

Thursday 18 September 02:49pm

rapecka replied to topic FIsh- WHEN & Which type???

Last night my 8 month old had his first ever fish - he loved it. We had home panfried lemon fish - i mashed Coen's with steamed potato and carrot with added water. i'll give him canned tuna and sal...

Thursday 18 September 02:41pm

rapecka replied to topic Want another baby (already have 7/8)

Good for you. You are only crazy if the 8 you have is too hard already. I'm trying to convince DH to go for no.3 but he's adamant 2 is our number. Aren't boys great? You go girl. Cant see me having...

Tuesday 13 May 05:37am

rapecka replied to topic 3 month old night sleeping

Sounds within the realms of normal, although i appreciate you want a bit more sleep! A REALLY good 24 hours with my 3.5 month old involves going down at 9pm, one feed around 3am, through to 7 or 8,...

Sunday 27 April 09:30am

rapecka replied to topic Sleep issues during the day!! Any advice would be great

just wanted to add that before my latest strategy, i found the frontpack (i use a hugabub) awesome for when i just wasn't getting any housework done. I have also tried spacing feeds out further so ...

Sunday 27 April 09:20am

rapecka replied to topic Sleep issues during the day!! Any advice would be great

Hi ahhhhhhhhhh it is a relief to know i'm not the only one! seems everyone else i know has babies that you lay down in their beds and they happily go off to sleep for hours at a time. My DS1 alwa...

Sunday 27 April 09:12am

rapecka replied to topic Stopped breasfeeding 3 weeks ago and still have milk.- Vitex agnus-castus

sorry dont know about the agnes vitex-castus but if it doesn't have a warning about breastfeeding on the packet you'd think it would be safe ...??best check with pharmacist. I just wanted to say......

Sunday 09 March 01:52pm
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