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Johay replied to topic 2YR OLD TOILET TRAINING, NEED SOME ADVISE!!!!!

Hi Jackie, My DS would do the exact same thing given half the chance!!! He is fine while he is sitting on his potty, and has been since we started when he was 7 months old to familiarise him with i...

Sunday 20 May 05:56pm

Johay replied to topic In-Laws and Husbands

Hi there, by the sounds of it, you are wasting valuable time and resources on people who simply don't deserve it. You need to do what is best for you and your bubby, as a priority. You aren't doing...

Tuesday 17 April 05:03pm

Johay replied to topic THE MONSTER-IN-LAW!

That is freaky yet in one way relieving!!! My in-laws are the most horrid people in the world!!! However lets jump back three years and I would have told you that they were the greatest people!! Ev...

Sunday 15 April 06:01pm

Johay replied to topic Probs with MIL ? Consider yourself lucky !

Hey Sarah, I understand where you are coming from and I do sympathise at the feeling of loss that you are obviously feeling, however with all due respect, every relationship is different and perso...

Tuesday 30 January 08:21pm

Johay started new topic Xmas

Hi there, I know this will sound crazy, but it would be great to get an unbiased opinion about what should be a happy day to celebrate: Xmas. This will be my son's second christmas, and one that my...

Friday 01 December 07:55pm

Johay replied to topic When should you start sitting them on a potty?

Hi There, My grandmother suggested "potty familiarisation" when my son was 6 months old, call it crazy but we got a novelty potty and had success straight away. Now my gorgeous son is 19 months old...

Wednesday 18 October 06:12pm

Johay replied to topic Mother-In-Law!

Hi Nikki, By the sounds of it you have done nothing wrong, and personally and from experience, I don't think that it is up to you to provide photos to anyone who is not willing to make a genuine ef...

Thursday 03 August 05:45pm

Johay replied to topic Too young to have a baby?

Hi, firstly, i wish you the best of luck with the birth of your child. some people are so rude when it comes to young mums, especially those who don't know you personally. As easy as it sounds, tr...

Tuesday 20 June 02:52pm

Johay replied to topic single mum

Hi there, I think you deserve a medal!!!! If you give your girls love and they are happy then that is what any mother could want for their child regardless of their marital status. When i was in ho...

Wednesday 14 June 02:00pm

Johay replied to topic Anyone been to Dubbo before?

Hi there, if you go in June, don't forget your winter woolies!!!! I believe there are a few kiddy play centres but can't be entirely sure. The experience at the zoo, the last time I went, was excel...

Sunday 11 June 02:40pm

Johay replied to topic never met her uncle!

That is wonderful news, you must be over the moon!!! I wish you the best of luck but I'm sure everything will go perfectly!

Sunday 11 June 02:33pm

Johay replied to topic jacksons 1st birthday

Hi there, for my son's first birthday, I got him a swing, it was a huge hit. The novelty still hasn't warn off!!!! We gave it to him a few weeks early, due to living in a cold climate and his birth...

Sunday 11 June 02:26pm

Johay started new topic Unreasonable?????

Hi, I need some unbias advice. My gorgeous son is 14 months old, and my partner's mother has seen her grandson once since he was born (and told me I was not a good mother because my son was babblin...

Wednesday 07 June 03:13pm
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