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angelalways replied to topic Tips for entertaining 2.5 yr old and 15 month during long car trip

well i am like Claire in NZ I find that the only thing that keepsmy lil one quiet is food and i usually hope he will go to sleep eventually so we get at least an hour the new one is easy feed b4 we...

Thursday 25 May 08:39am

angelalways replied to topic 10 week old - sleeping on stomach

well i hate to be a bearer of news my lilman that has since passed was actually asleep on his back when he died of SIDS so who knows what is safe anymore

Wednesday 24 May 01:14pm

angelalways replied to topic when to go to own room???

hi rach well i just put my lil man into room on his own i think 1 week ago and he seemed to take to it stright away but each baby is diffso uhave to do what u think is best ask around and see what ...

Wednesday 24 May 01:12pm

angelalways replied to topic Feed, play, sleep or feed, cry, sleep?

Hi Jess well the sleep cry feed thing was what was happening in my house as well i just finally got the courage to lay my lil one down aand not rock or hold him til he drifted off it was hard but w...

Wednesday 24 May 01:06pm

angelalways replied to topic Sleep Patterns for 7 Week Old

well in all honesty Dakota who is i think 2 mths old is still tryig to sort out his sleeping pattern but i have always let them sleep as long as they can and tried to have a rest at the same time ....

Wednesday 24 May 01:03pm

angelalways replied to topic How old would you let your daughter wear make-up

my 7yr old daughter is only allowed to wear make up for ballet i was hoping she would be t least 14 15

Wednesday 24 May 09:13am

angelalways replied to topic To have three or not? When?

well ihave 3 and i found 2 were hard my eldest is 7 yrs old but no longer in my custody i think u have to really be prepared for a 2nd or a 3rd kids are hard as we all know i would suggest that u...

Wednesday 24 May 09:10am

angelalways started new topic Toddler Getting rough with newborn

I have a 9 week old and i think he is 20 mths oldmy eldest boy though i am wondering what else i can do to stop him from hitting his lil brother... Connor who is 20 mths old nearly 21 mths old has ...

Wednesday 24 May 08:32am
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