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[email protected] replied to topic Please help, My near 3yr old son poos on EVERYTHING!!

im in the progess of tryint to toilet train my 2 yr old and he pees every were it could be that he knows the is a new baby coming so he is going back to being a baby to get you to focous on him and...

Thursday 05 October 10:53am

[email protected] replied to topic what buggy should i get

comfort for baby well i use a 3 wheeler im only small to but its easy to push it maybe a bit heavy at times but its ok or u could go for a stroller that lays down all the way there are a few of t...

Sunday 24 September 06:27am

[email protected] replied to topic Feeding patterns?

are u breast or bottle feeding cause if ur breast feeding your milk may not be strong enough or she may have alot of wind wich is making her feel hungry. i hope that helps u a bit and good luck.p.s...

Thursday 31 August 05:28pm

[email protected] replied to topic My beautiful little girl Ruby

hi congrats on your little girl hope she is a good baby for u? if u dont mind me asking how come her daddy is australia is it for work? has he seen his little girl yet

Thursday 17 August 11:08am

[email protected] replied to topic Hello everyone

hi just want to congrats how is beeing a mother going for u? i have 3 boys zac is 4 landon is 2 and noah is 7 weeks

Thursday 17 August 11:06am

[email protected] started new topic mackay mummys who want to play netball

hi im looking for any mothers out there from mackay who would like to join a netball team

Thursday 17 August 04:14am

[email protected] replied to topic Any pregnany Ladies want to chat

hi janine im not pregnant but i just had my 3 7 weeks ago so if u want to chat here is my [email protected] im on most time so will always chat if u want bye

Wednesday 16 August 03:13am

[email protected] replied to topic How do I involve my husband in midnight marathons?

hi congrats on the birth of your baby boy ny way im a mother of 3 and i have breastfed all of my kids if you want your husband involled in the waking at night see if he will get up with u and burp...

Saturday 15 July 02:24pm

[email protected] replied to topic Episiotomy or C-Section

hi i had episiotomy with my first and it did not take me long to heal at all i was back to doing things about 5 hours after bubs was born and out of hospital after 3 days wich i find is beter then ...

Thursday 22 June 04:42am

[email protected] replied to topic Raspberry leaf tea???

i have heard raspberry leaf tea wont bring on labour but it helps you contract easier when you are in labour have you thought of other ways to bring on labour ,like curry you could try castor oil ...

Thursday 22 June 04:36am

[email protected] replied to topic Mucus Plugs and time left to go

hi i know how you feel this is my 3rd child i have lost the plug and had trickels of water every now and then but no thats no good enough i have a doctors apoinment on tuseday and if im lucky they...

Tuesday 13 June 05:11am

[email protected] replied to topic How acurate are u/s scans to determine birth size at 36wks

hi there i had a scan the day of the night my waters broke and they told me my son would be a 9 pounder and when i had him he was only 6 pound 8 hope that helps

Thursday 08 June 11:45am

[email protected] replied to topic ladies who had there children in campbelltown hosp 04

hi i had 2 of my sons in campbelltown hospital one in 2002 and the other 2004 my experiences wern't that bad but could of been better i found that cause i was a young mum that they thought i new no...

Wednesday 07 June 11:42am

[email protected] replied to topic Anyone from Mackay QLD

hi im also from mackay i live on the west side of mackay i have 2 littel boys and one one the way in 2 weeks. so how is motherhood treating u good i hope. i didn't know that were mothers on the hu...

Wednesday 07 June 11:38am

[email protected] replied to topic Prosterier position birth

hi my first son was prosterier postion and i didnt know untill the birth it self i wouldn't say a very long labour or painfull as with my son the pain was all in my back but i did how ever have to ...

Monday 05 June 11:22am

[email protected] replied to topic thrush during labour

go to the chemist and ask for canesten once it is a tablet you put up there and there is a cream for the outside if it get itchey it cost about $17.95 and it works as i found out yesterday i als...

Sunday 04 June 11:48am

[email protected] replied to topic Baby dropping

is this your first baby. this is my 3rd and my baby droped a week ago and i have been having those pains alot lately i was hoping it is it but not yet have u had your show yet as they say after a...

Sunday 04 June 11:33am

[email protected] replied to topic Bad Labour Experiences

hi with my first baby i could say it was bad not very painfull but long any way. my waters broke at home so then i went to hosppital and i was told i was 3cm gone so they took me to the delivery r...

Sunday 04 June 11:26am

[email protected] replied to topic Is My Baby Shrinking?

hi there i dont think your baby is shrinking it could be the way the baby is laying i wouldn't worry about it to much i was told that my baby was not measuring propley but then the week after he w...

Sunday 04 June 04:21am

[email protected] replied to topic Falling asleep behind the door

hi there i have that problem with my 2 year old and he shares a room with his big brother but yep he falls asleep behind the door through the day i have no idea what to do about it and i know how ...

Saturday 03 June 06:12am
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