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Daniy replied to topic When did your toddler start calling you by your name?

My DS#1 never used our names, but my DS#2 is now 21mths old and calls out his dads name all the time. At first we thought it was funny and cute, then my husband started getting abit annoyed with it...

Saturday 29 November 12:17pm

Daniy replied to topic Petition to bring back old huggies nappies - before the "improvements"

I've been using Huggies nappies for 20mths now and haven't had a problem til recently. * They leak at night (either have to change nappy x3 times in night or DS wakes up drenched. * They make the...

Saturday 29 November 12:08pm

Daniy replied to topic Who leaves their childs door open/closed?

My son went in a bed at 19mths. We leave his door ajar until he's asleep then close it about an hour later. We use a baby monitor during the night. When he wakes during the night he gets up, turns ...

Saturday 29 November 11:48am

Daniy replied to topic Won't sleep through the night!

My DS1 didn't sleep through til he was 3yrs. Now a bomb could go off in his room and he'd sleep through. DS2 (17mths) does not sleep through the night and will wake atleast twice.

Thursday 03 July 09:23am

Daniy replied to topic Your childrens "comfort" things

DS1(6yrs) has a soft, washable giraffe called "Gerry". It stays in his bed and he sleeps with it every night. He says cuddling Gerry keeps any bad dreams away. If his sick or really upset Gerry mak...

Thursday 03 July 09:16am

Daniy replied to topic Hives, help!!

My 16 month old son had his first case of hives last week. He was fine when he went to bed an woke up 2hrs later covered in large red welts. As I suffer from hives when I have msg I take a dose of ...

Monday 30 June 12:04pm

Daniy replied to topic naturally inducing labour

Whatever you do don't take caster oil!!!! I did for my first baby and I thought I was going to die. I ended up on the toilet with severe runs for nearlly 24hrs and midwife told me it can distress b...

Monday 23 June 11:57am

Daniy replied to topic Naturally going in to labour and Induced Labour

I was induced with my DS1 and natural with my DS2. With the induction I was in labor for 27hrs. I had pethadine, 2 epidurals, a failed vaccum extraction and in the end I had a forcep delivery. I wa...

Monday 23 June 11:49am

Daniy replied to topic Overweight mummas

I was 115kg when I fell pregnant with my 2nd baby. I was told I needed to see a dietitian throughout this pregnancy to monitor my weight gain (as I gained 30kg with DS1) I was really worried about ...

Monday 23 June 11:32am

Daniy replied to topic Missed abortion .. :-( How do i go on? PART 2

So sorry to hear about your loss. I have had 3 M/C's, my 3rd was a missed miscarriage. I thought I was 12 weeks and had just attended my first OBGYN appointment. My DH and I were so excited when he...

Monday 23 June 11:14am

Daniy replied to topic fully awake during the night

My 16mth old is going through the exact same thing at the moment! Goes to bed well, but wakes about 2am and wide awake singing,clapping and talking until about 4am. I tried leaving him in his cot b...

Friday 20 June 10:32am

Daniy replied to topic 18mnth old with croup :(

My 16 mth old has had croup 5 times since birth. I was told by the Dr - if he wakes in the night with really bad barking or breathing problems to rug him up in a warm blanket and take him out in th...

Friday 20 June 10:18am

Daniy replied to topic Suddenly been waking at night every 2 hours

Unfortunatley I have a 5.5yr old in the next room that has to go to school the next day and I don't want him being woken by a screaming baby. I've let him go for 10 mins but he gets louder and star...

Wednesday 04 June 09:14am

Daniy replied to topic Won't keep covers on!

My DS is exactly the same, has hated blankets from birth. Our house is really cold at night so I put him in a singlet, longsleeve bodysuit, a pair of socks and one of the polarfleece blanket sleep ...

Wednesday 04 June 09:11am

Daniy replied to topic Suddenly been waking at night every 2 hours

I know exactly how you feel. My 15mth old has been doing the same thing for the past 3 weeks. It's really frustrating. I go in pick him up and he immediately falls asleep in my arms, I put him back...

Wednesday 04 June 09:02am

Daniy replied to topic Food texture question

I have the same problem with my 15mth old. He eats mashed vegies fine. I dish him up fruit pieces, small pieces of sausage/ meat etc. he eats them fine, but recently had a cold and chucked afew tim...

Wednesday 04 June 08:45am

Daniy replied to topic Slapped Cheek Disease

Sorry, didn't mean to scare you, I had no idea you were pregnant! Yes they came in contact with it in the first trimester. I just wanted you and and other readers to be aware that it isn't as harml...

Wednesday 04 June 08:29am

Daniy replied to topic Slapped Cheek Disease

Slap cheek is pretty harmless to the child that has it and with fliuds and panadol if needed they usually recover quickly, but it's best to get them checked out by a dr to confirm it. However, it i...

Monday 19 May 10:54am

Daniy replied to topic Panadol ?

Both my sons have had a problem with panadol. It tends to hyp them up and they definately do not sleep until the 4hrs are up and it's worn off. I was once advised by a dr when bub was very sick wit...

Monday 10 March 09:11am

Daniy replied to topic Badly Constipated 6.5 month old - HELP!

With my DS#2 when he gets constipated I give him 10ml of prune juice in a syringe. He hates it but it helps. Within 8hrs he is usually soft again.

Monday 10 March 09:03am
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