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BeaMama replied to topic Anyone with a premmie babe???

Hi I know this probably isn't any help but the teeth thing isn't a big issue. I carried my son 10 days overdue and he got his first tooth at 8 and a half months, my daughter was 5 weeks prem and sh...

Sunday 06 January 08:12pm

BeaMama replied to topic chubba bubba - or just healthy?

Hi My little girl's birthday was the 18th of Dec she was born 5 weeks premmy and has always been fairly small for her age but she was 10.2kgs when we weighed her last month. I thought it was prett...

Friday 04 January 04:09pm

BeaMama replied to topic BaBiEs LaRgEr ThEn AvErAgE PlEaSe - ShArE BaBiEs WeIgHt & SiZe

He's probably just had an early growth spurt. My son was really small born (3.04kgs/6lb 11ozs) and was soon following the middle line (50th percentile) for his first 2 years. When I got him weigh...

Friday 04 January 03:56pm

BeaMama replied to topic nicknames for the little one living inside

We called both of ours 'bubba' while they were on the inside lol, sounds like they were locked up. But as soon as my son exited he got the nickname 'monkey' - he's now almost 4 and he still gets c...

Friday 04 January 03:45pm

BeaMama replied to topic Names for our baby

I think Jayden Alexander Jordan Andrew

Friday 04 January 03:28pm

BeaMama started new topic I guess someone didn't wanna miss Christmas

Hi there, just wanted to introduce Tayah Clare D.O.B: 18/12/2006 Time: 2:32pm Weight: 2.6kg, 5lb 11oz Height: 48.5cm HC: 32.5cm My lil princess wasn't due til the 20th Jan 2007 but I guess s...

Thursday 28 December 08:03am

BeaMama replied to topic confused...

My son was born in the middle of a really bad heat wave and it was recommended to me by the midwives at the early childhood centre to start giving him 10ml of water a day. It certainly never hurt ...

Sunday 10 December 06:32am

BeaMama started new topic I'm so freaked out

Sorry I'm a little freaked out but Ky (my 2 year old) pulled up my t-shirt this morning and kissed my belly (I'm 34 weeks pregnant) and I said to him 'Is this your little sister' and his reply was ...

Saturday 09 December 12:37pm

BeaMama replied to topic Belly button pains

I kept getting pains in my belly button early on with both my pregnancies, sharp pains. Every time I mentioned this to my doc or a midwife they just kinda shrugged their shoulders. I don't know w...

Wednesday 06 December 01:07pm

BeaMama replied to topic pains in vagina...

Maybe its just he babies head grinding on a nerve up there?????? I would ring the midwife just to make sure all is ok, then you can stop stressing about it too.

Thursday 30 November 02:21pm

BeaMama started new topic OMG I'm so hot!!!! - Just venting

I am so damn hot and I'm finding it hard to control my temper, and with a 2 year old thats not the best thing, poor lil bloke - I keep yelling at him cause I'm so moody. Can't wait til my air con ...

Thursday 30 November 01:45pm

BeaMama replied to topic THE MEANING OF A NAME .... HELP!!!

Hi I found this website It says on here that Costa is a variation of the name Constantine so maybe thats why you had trouble finding the name me...

Thursday 23 November 07:46am

BeaMama started new topic Decent into Pelvis

Hi Alex I'm 31 weeks 4 days now but at my last (30 weeks 5 days) appointment at my doctors office he said to me that the baby has already decended into my pelvis (4/5). I think I was in shock or s...

Thursday 23 November 07:08am

BeaMama replied to topic summer babies

Hi Ladies I'm due with my second summer baby on the 20th January. My son was born on the 8th of Feb 2004 in the middle of a heat wave, I felt so sorry for him and my house was a little hot box but...

Friday 03 November 02:19pm

BeaMama replied to topic Baby Hiccups

My baby gets the hiccups all the time too, it happens at least once a day but usually 2, 3, 4 times a day. When I was pregnant with my son he got the hiccups all the time too but I don't think it ...

Friday 03 November 01:44pm

BeaMama replied to topic pregnancy after loss

Hi Gaye Firstly I want to say I'm very sorry for your loss. It wasn't me personally, it was my best friend who felt exactly the same way you feel right now. Although I haven't felt the exact pain...

Monday 30 October 12:26pm

BeaMama replied to topic baby #2 due in jan, any others on here??

I'm due with number 2 in January (I'm 28 weeks). My son is 2 and a half, I'm 25 and I live on the Mid North Coast of NSW. My pregnancy is going well, I'm getting really bad integestion this time ...

Sunday 29 October 11:30am

BeaMama started new topic Need some opinions

Hi guys I just have a lil question and would love your opinions. I've had a ultrasound and it looks like we may be having a lil girl so this may not be an issue but I want to be prepared just in ca...

Saturday 28 October 01:02pm

BeaMama replied to topic premature birth

Well it wasn't me personally but a friend of mine had her first baby at 37 weeks, then her second was a really premmy birth (23 weeks and bub didn't make it) and a few weeks ago had her 3rd baby at...

Saturday 29 July 02:00pm

BeaMama replied to topic Young Parents

Firstly congratulations on the bub!!! I understand how you feel about being judged. I look young for my age I guess (seeing as I still get asked for ID and I'm 25 lol) I had my son when I was 23 ...

Saturday 29 July 01:54pm
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