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Carab started new topic Dogs

Hi everyone. I was wondering does anyone know what is the best breed of dog for a 2 yr old that is also going to provide security for my house? He has been around dogs before and he loves them so ...

Tuesday 05 September 08:42am

Carab replied to topic Feeling guilty

hi ashtonsmum, I have a 19 month old boy and he has been in daycare since he was 10 weeks old for 5 days a week. I am a single mum therefore i work to make sure i have money for him and i also stu...

Monday 10 July 10:06am

Carab replied to topic Son starting child care at 21 months old

hello, sorry i dont know anything about Victoria but my mate had the same problem, so she took him out of day care and spent everyday with him. after a while he would not go to anyone else he only...

Monday 10 July 08:22am

Carab started new topic talking

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to get my 18 month old to start talking. He says a few words like "Dog" "mum" "dad" "nanna" but i want to start encourage him to te...

Wednesday 31 May 08:42am

Carab started new topic Walking??

Hi everyone. I was just wondering does anyone have any tips on how to increase a 18 month olds confidence so he will start walking. He will walk if he is holding on to something or someone, he has ...

Tuesday 30 May 07:53am
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