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JodeW replied to topic Chiropractic for babies?

My goodness! I thought I'd tell you about my cousin's little boy. He was very VERY similar to you. They did the sleep school, had the constant waking, few day sleeps and controlled crying. Sh...

Thursday 03 August 11:12am

JodeW started new topic How much weight did you lose at birth?

Hi - just a quickie. Just wanting to know how much weight other Mum's have lost at birth? I had a caesar and at first I didn't lose anything - not a jot. It took about 4 weeks and the scales show...

Saturday 17 June 06:49am

JodeW replied to topic Smiling

My little girl smiled at me for the very first time today - exactly 1 month since she was born. I knew it was a real *smile* as she was responding to my smiles, and did it a few times (not just a ...

Saturday 10 June 11:21am

JodeW started new topic Colic driving me crazy!

Hello - my little girl is about 4 weeks old and I'm pretty sure after all the reading I've done that it is colic that is making her cry so much. Sometimes she cries for up for 5 hours. It isn't c...

Friday 09 June 01:00pm

JodeW replied to topic slow feeder and how many mLs???

Hello - congrats on your little girl. My daughter is only 4 weeks old and was the opposite - she drank too much. It wasn't until I changed bottle teats that things really began to improve. Does ...

Wednesday 07 June 03:58am

JodeW replied to topic Wont sleep for periods

Hi Tracey, My little girl does the EXACT same thing - she is 3 weeks old. I read on this website about settling her on her side, gently tapping her bottom when she's crying until she stops and re...

Thursday 01 June 12:18pm

JodeW started new topic lies awake quietly but wont sleep

My baby is 3 weeks old and when put to bed, lies awake for a long time just looking around. She doesn't usually cry, apart from the odd whinge now and then, but it seems to take a long time for he...

Wednesday 31 May 12:25pm
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