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tabatha started new topic need help with daily routine

my 10 month old baby will not sleep throught the night she will wake at least 4 times a night and each time wants me to feed her to put her back to sleep or she will not stop crying, iam breast fee...

Tuesday 09 January 06:31pm

tabatha started new topic dummies

just wondering how many of you have given your baby a dummie and if you have if your child took to it straight away and at what age did thay have it. my dd is 4 months old she hates the dummie she ...

Friday 30 June 10:56am

tabatha replied to topic Pregnant again after 9 years!!

Hi michelle, i am from lismore but i just had my little girl she is know 4 months old my other daughter is 8 so i know what you mean big age gap but belive me it all come back. I felt the same and ...

Tuesday 27 June 01:37pm

tabatha replied to topic Looking an egg donor

I really hope you fined some one to help you out. as my partner and myself have been through ivf with our daughter and would also like another child my eggs are not the problem though its my hubby ...

Tuesday 27 June 01:24pm

tabatha replied to topic Anyone out there that lives at Tamworth or around this area?

i have a 4 month old as well what a sham i have moved use to live at gunnedah now living in lismore

Tuesday 27 June 01:20pm

tabatha started new topic ivf baby

just wondering if there is any one that have been throught IVF to get there dd or ds that would like to chat and what it was like for them as a person or as a couple

Tuesday 27 June 10:53am

tabatha replied to topic sex drive

thank god there are other women out there just like me. I am the same since having my 4 month old i have no sex drive it started when i was 7 months pregnant and is still the same i dont know if it...

Tuesday 27 June 10:43am

tabatha started new topic daddy looking after bub

hi, my husband only let it slip yesterday that he is just starting to feel he can cope with our daughter that is 4 months old when i am not around. i was dumb founded i thought he was over that mon...

Tuesday 27 June 10:21am

tabatha replied to topic Cloth Nappies

I use cloth nappies day and night, I was them in hot water with washing powder and then rinse in cold water i do soak them throgh the day in nappie san. might sound crazy but if thay do have a litt...

Monday 26 June 03:14pm

tabatha replied to topic When to use a pillow?

i just started to use a pillow for my 4 month old, she has just gone into her cot and hate's to sleep flat so i got a pillow that i would use but it is really flat not high so her head and shoulde...

Monday 26 June 03:00pm

tabatha started new topic baby wake each time i put her down through day

my 4 month old wake each time i put her down through the day she will be sound asleep dead to the world on me but as soon as she hits that cot within 5 min she is awake when i pick her up she is ba...

Monday 26 June 02:53pm

tabatha started new topic sucking and chewing fingers

my 4 month old is all ways puting her fingers in her mouth and chewing on them she is dribling heeps. is she teething? i am not sure. should i use teething gel i give her panadol but some times it ...

Monday 26 June 02:22pm

tabatha started new topic 27 year old mother of two girls 8 year and 4 month old inn lismore nsw

well i am 27 and have two girls sativa thats 8 years old and little brittney shes 4 month, big gap hay. i finished up work to stay at home and be with my kids i am really enjoying it but i does get...

Sunday 25 June 12:35pm
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