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H replied to topic am i doing something wrong?

Hi ther bubs and us.I understand where you are coming from.My hubby and I went through the same thing.We wouldn't argue though.Both of us would just go silent on each other.It wasn't very often tha...

Tuesday 01 August 08:25am

H replied to topic PND

Hi TaniaM.You are not alone with PND.I got diagnosed with it 3 months ago.I didn't suffer with it after kiddies #1 and 2 but have after #3.I'm not going on to have any more because 3 is enough for ...

Tuesday 25 July 11:11am

H replied to topic Whats wrong with me

Hi there!It really does sound like you PND.The reason I know this is because I started medication for it myself a couple of months ago.Believe it or not it was my DH that pointed it out and told me...

Wednesday 19 July 08:36am

H replied to topic Want another baby

Hi Rach.I don't think theres anything wrong with wanting another baby so soon after the birth of your first.I've had it both ways.My DS was 5 when I had a DD.The help he gave was great and he bonde...

Wednesday 19 July 08:27am

H replied to topic Too young to have a baby?

Hi there Bec.Just read your post and thought I'd have my say.I was 19 when I got pregnant with my DS and turned 20 shortly before having him.I know exactly what you mean about the dirty looks and w...

Tuesday 18 July 12:09pm

H replied to topic ADHD

Hi there!My son also has ADHD.We also have 2 daughters who are 2 and 1.Have you tried putting your child on a strict diet?A lot of the diet doesn't seem fair especially if your child is at school ...

Thursday 06 July 10:59am

H replied to topic help im 21 with 2 yr old and 9mt old suffering sevre PND

Hi there Louierose.I'm 27 and suffering with PND to.I have 3 kids.They are 7,2 and 1.My darling 2 year old girl is going through the terrible 2s.You really have to stand firm with them.My DD knows ...

Thursday 06 July 06:06am

H replied to topic greensborough mummies

Hi there!I no longer live in the Greensborough area but it was my first place of residence in Australia.I now live in Craigieburn which isn't far away.I'm 27 and have a 7 year old boy,a 2 year old ...

Friday 02 June 12:43pm

H started new topic Our 1 year old won't sleep through!

Dear Maree, Please help!We seemed to succeed in getting our baby to sleep through the night by changing her nappy and giving her a bottle around 10pm.This has now stopped working and we are both so...

Friday 02 June 12:34pm
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