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Jasi's Mum

Jasi's Mum replied to topic Blue tingce-please help!

My baby has the same thing. Its just a vein close to the surface - I freaked out when I 1st saw it as I thought she'd bruised herself, but the C&YH nurse checked it out and you can now see the lin...

Thursday 01 June 08:00pm
Jasi's Mum

Jasi's Mum started new topic Spewy Baby

Our little girl just won't stop spewing. We had her on S26, but she hardly touched it, and had terrible wind pain and constipation from it. We switched to Karicare goats milk formula at 4 weeks a...

Thursday 01 June 07:51pm
Jasi's Mum

Jasi's Mum replied to topic jealous of grand parents

My MIL does the same thing and gets angry at me when I tell her not to do something to the baby... The other day she wiped up wee with a tissue and then went to wipe spit off the baby's mouth with ...

Thursday 01 June 07:35pm
Jasi's Mum

Jasi's Mum started new topic Feuding Grandmothers

I'm having a major problem with my Mum and my MIL. My Mum will buy a moderately expensive item for my baby, and the MIL will see it and buy something almost identical, but cheap and nasty or second...

Thursday 01 June 07:18pm
Jasi's Mum
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