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aisling replied to topic NAPPY RASH CREAMS

My Dad is a GP and he ALWAYS puts Sudocream on any of his grandkids bottoms when he changes them, whether they are red or not. He says they need "bum cream" to help keep the wetness away from their...

Tuesday 26 September 11:39am

aisling replied to topic baby getting distracted during b/f

Some clinic sisters can make you panic for unnecessary reasons. You said he is satisfied after a feed, he is gaining weight( even if not huge amounts) therefore relax and take a look at "the facts...

Tuesday 26 September 11:19am

aisling replied to topic Bagged for not Breastfeeding!

Kris this is exactly the reason I have now been critised on other threads: for trying to make some Bfing women calm down and realise that it does not come successfully to everyone. People need to r...

Tuesday 26 September 11:10am

aisling replied to topic The term NAZI

Yes I have used the term, yes I am a History teacher so am fully aware of the historical origins. Yes I have breastfed at least one of my children for 12 months and one for over 18 months BUT I wi...

Tuesday 26 September 10:26am

aisling replied to topic Is there anything positive?

Ladies it really upsets me when people feel they have failed their children- YOU HAVE NOT! I would like to describe myself as a breatsfeeding moderate and wish the breastfeeding nazis would keep qu...

Tuesday 26 September 06:32am

aisling replied to topic Spider Veins

I do not have good news regarding the spider veins- my thighs are a no show area( also at my age I figure short outfits are no longer for me!). I have heard you can get some form of laser therapy t...

Tuesday 26 September 05:55am

aisling replied to topic contractions/ braxton hicks

My first two preganancies, braxton hicks were like a muscle tightening , nothing painful and early labour was very similar but lower down. Third pregnancy braxton hicks are a "new breed" nothing li...

Tuesday 26 September 05:49am

aisling replied to topic Feeling so depressed and can't cope with grieveing- my life is going so horribly

Oh Alice, My thoughts and hugs go to you. I do not know the right thing to say. NEVER blame yourself- get in contact with a local SIDS support group as you need to speak to others who have been t...

Tuesday 26 September 05:38am

aisling replied to topic PND 3rd time around

Please Jo go see your doctor ASAP. Try also to remember that you have two other children so you will be far more tired then you have been with each previous baby. Find a nearby support group and t...

Tuesday 26 September 05:21am

aisling replied to topic baby walkers..?

Do not use a walker to teach or encourage a child to walk, instead use in moderation as an alternative,closely supervised activity. NEVER leave a child unsupervised in one. Again babies do not need...

Tuesday 26 September 05:11am

aisling replied to topic Puting baby in the pool at 10 weeks

As with the other advice about ears( my eldest caught an ear infection at 8 months from a public pool)- always watch the mouth of a very young baby as they will swallow more water than you realise ...

Tuesday 26 September 04:54am

aisling replied to topic Really Worried....

My eldest did not walk until she was two and she was really only pushed towards then as she had to be a flower girl three months after her birthday. She too did not really like standing- she would ...

Tuesday 26 September 04:47am

aisling replied to topic GET IT OUT!!!!

My first pregnancy I could not relate to you at all as I had a midget baby. Second time more sympathy. By third pregnancy I had had enough at 30 weeks and the whinging/complaining/ moaning generall...

Sunday 24 September 04:39pm

aisling replied to topic What sort of spoon - plastic or metal?????

Curved handles can make it easier for younger ones to feed themselves- remember it will be messy for some time! With metal or plastic it sometimes depends what they are eating regarding the tempera...

Sunday 24 September 11:45am

aisling replied to topic late talker...and discipline!

As the other lady says, your son knows exactly what "no" means if he reacts with a tantrum! Toddlers will usualy understand at least three times more than they can say- this is also where a great d...

Sunday 24 September 11:35am

aisling replied to topic aching back after c-section

My first c-section I had a spinal block and an aching back for about four days. Try keeping your posture as straight as possible, when sitting/ feeding use a cushion for back support and put someth...

Sunday 24 September 06:22am

aisling replied to topic What do you think of Eliza??

love it- I was given the name Elizabeth which I hate and wanted to be Eliza as I thought it sounded more glamorous but obviously no one else agreed with me being glamorous as it didn't stick! Elli/...

Sunday 24 September 06:17am

aisling replied to topic Help with a name!!!

Cliona= an Irish fairy princess- can be shortened to Clio My eldest's name is Aisling but it can be anglicized to Ashling and is Irish for a dream or inspired vision- usually given to the name of a...

Sunday 24 September 06:13am

aisling replied to topic anyone know any nice Unique boy names

HIi, My suggestions have a celtic theme- DH is Irish. I have tried to give the most simplified/anglicized spelling( for some the original gaelic is hard to interpret) Most of the names have war or ...

Sunday 24 September 06:08am

aisling replied to topic ezcema need a remedy does anyone have one that works

Hi Lauran, You need to also identify the triggers and obviously avoid them eg. soaps-directly in the bath and try using Amolin to wash baby's clothes. Use a bath oil like Hamiltons or Dermaveen and...

Friday 22 September 04:53pm
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