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amumfinally replied to topic jealous of grand parents

hi, i have a lot of trouble with my MIL as she is an alcoholic and despite knowing we are coming for a visit she stills drinks her cask wine and i have always said no-one who has been drinking wi...

Thursday 15 June 06:51pm

amumfinally replied to topic not letting up wind

hi esme, well i struggle to get bubs wind up i use gripe water but i also give her a 5 min break then i lay her on her back rub her tummy in circles, then rub up and down her sides before holding ...

Thursday 15 June 06:36pm

amumfinally replied to topic i feel like a failure

dear snowwhite, i know you have already had some great replies so i wont rave on all i wanted to say was, i too am a control freak and also am a perfectionist so i was extremely worried about how ...

Tuesday 13 June 07:48pm

amumfinally replied to topic No Routine??

hi mum2sam, i have a 9 week old bub and she also has no real routine, especially not during the day. however i have found that letting her chose when she sleeps and for how long during the day does...

Tuesday 13 June 07:33pm

amumfinally replied to topic 9 week old night sleeps

hi, i have an 8 week old baby girl, who until about a week ago was on four hourly feeds and she always woke right on time! but now she sleeps for most of the night. she has her last feed between 9 ...

Saturday 03 June 11:38am
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