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how did it all go? what did you do? and did it work? are they still drinking milk?

hhey do you go to and playgroups or anything? ther is bound to be one in your area, if you want to go to forrestdale one your more than welcome all you need to take is some fruit and $1 its at the forrestdale kinda on friday at 9am till about 11am at the moment were doing x-mas things. there are usuly a few ppl there with kids of variying age. if you got nuthen on you should come. cass

do u have msn? i do if u have it u can add me/ or email [email protected] my partner leves today for 2 weeks on when he is home i work so the best time for catch ups are when my partner is away. look forward to hearing from u cass

hello, i live in forrestdale, i dont think it is to far from you. how long has he been in the mines for? my partner has only been in there a few months. when hes not home i get bored, as i dont have a licence. my son is 19 months. and is on to every thing, i think he needs to be around more boys though because as soon as dad is home he is like a shadow of dad. i love it lol. how do u like perth? cassie

how about next wed? that way its not on a thurs, we wont land on ur appointment. i cant do tues or fridays due to swimming and playgroup. so wed is in the middle ? just a sujestion and its 7 days away.

so when will we try and meet up next? next week some time hopefuly the weather is better any sujestions?

i think some ones msn said she had a girl, we didnt go to maccas coz there were only going to be 2 of us

what about thursday? lets hope you dont pop befor them. where and what time? maccas again? about 10-10.30ish? is that what it was last time?

well how about next week some time befor the bubs come the sooner the the better, then maybe we can wait till all the bubs arive and meet the new members of armadale

i perpare vegies for my 17 month old and put them in the freezer, he also likes to eat what ever is on my plate, but i also love the heinze jar globbeters (or sumthen like that) he loves the chicken and some times i only give him half a jar, and put the rest in the fridge if he eats it all i heat some more fot him.