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maybe you could try explain that big boys dont need bottles. if he has a certain bottle himself get him to throw it in the bin on rubish day, and then its all gone, i know it might be hard now with another bubs. maybe give the milk in a cup some flavour? mash a banana so its banana milk. strawberry milk. are you putting the 22 month old on a cup? my son is 17 months and has a bottle to help him sleep. he wont drink milk from a cup either i am trying to get him to have flavoured milk from a cup. i dont know what else u might do.

i hope you dont find me rude. i have just found out my sister inlaw has had her 2nd misscarage. i feel terrible as they have been trying for kids for years. i dont know what to say, when i heard about the 1st bubs i was so happy for them then they lost it, with the second they told us and a few days later they had lost it. i find it so hard as i got pregnant by accident, then my other brother got pregnant, both our babys made it and neither of us were trying, yet my brother and his wife who have been trying for years loose theres, i just hope they are lucky soon, i know they would be great parents. i dont say mush to him as i guess there isnt a lot i could say to them, i havent been in there or your situation, i cant even comprehend what it must be like. how do i help with there grief, can i help with there grief. i love my brother and want to help him. what can people say to make it easier?

I have a son who is almost 17 months. he is still in some size 1 tops but mostly size 2 and getting in to some size 3, the pants usuly size 1 fit him best size 2 are to long. as he grew so fast i thaught he would have been in size 3 quick but the growing has slowed dramaticly. i have realized by looking around that the kids at play group are size 4-5 and there in kinda.i have some size 2 jumpsuits that wont fit him untill nextyears winter hopefully. as thay are way to bug. but the rest he fits in to size 2 really well. but like they say it depends on a lot of things, family build, if bubs was earlie or late.if they dont fit take them back to where u got themfrom if u have the receit. and exchange them but the growing does slow down (i think) this is my 1st so i could be very wrong. ahh its all trial and error

my son is active and if he doesnt want to sleep in his cot he ends up sleeping on the floor, which is fine, as i usuly check on him after a little while and as he is usuly fast asleep i can just pick him up and put him to bed. my son didnt try climbing over the edge. the truth was i was jelous of other kids being in beds so i thaught i would try and see how memphis went. so i only tried half his cot down and he went great.i still havent changed the cot fully yet but he dosnt notice. at night he can come to me and get me. otherwise he can cry and ill go to him. i found it a little less stressfull due to the fact that he comes and findes me. i have just checked out the web site and looks like there is good stuff on there thanx cassandra [email protected]

so what happend at maccas? how many went? ect ect ect??????

memhis sleeps varey, and as he had bad sleeps coz he was unwell he was up every 2 hrs. at themoment its between 8.30-9.30 he goes to bed, and he usuly wakes for more milk, and hes up between 6.30 and 8am, although last night he waok up and didnt want milk just cuddles, my work may sound complicated, i started going back 1 day a week, sunday as my partner worked mon-friday aome times saturday. so on sunday memphis will be looked after by his dad or his dad will pass him on to his parents. i dont feel guilty about going to work as im not putting him in day care and its good bonding time for my partner. but my partner just got work in the mines so work is a bit harder, on jarrads week of i am working 3 days. it compensates for the sundays i cant work.i have been working scince memi was i think 9 months. i needed to get out of the house as i was cracking the sshiities. i do feel guilty if memphis is unwell, lucky for me my work place is so flexible. i have worked there since i was 15...

dont wory about me its the preventative needle, so hopefully i wont ever get cervical cancer, first school girls got given the needle, then i got open to ppl under 26. so im technically fine. memphis has been sick , then teething he was good today only a very tiny vomit, when we were out and i didnt take any change of clothes. i now know i need to take a change of clothes. i caught a little bug and was sick last night, im not shure if its from one of memphises bugs or if i ate an egg that was off. so im a bit tender in the tum, and very tired. i think memi has a top left tooth and bottom right comming thru, other wise they were just shifting the other night. memphis just woke up i best get going cya

i can not make it again. last night i was up (sick) i dont feel well still, my tumm is tender, so i will wait till next time. memphis loves kids so im pissed off he wont get to play with others, but if my tumm is contaiges i dont and i am shure you would all prefer to know ur kids shouldnt catch any thing from me. but if there is another one in a few weeks, i would like to go. thank you cassandra

im going to try and be there.but its the week my partner is back so i might not be there. i want to go, ill try my hardest, i want to meet new ppl.

hi jodie im not really in the same boat as you, my partner has just started working a fly in fly out rosetr for the mines. so hes away 2 weeks home 1. i dont think i could manage 6 monthes away from him. my son dosnt really notice dads not home but i guess i will find out when dad gets back on monday. unfortunantly dads 1st week at the mines didnt go to well, he allready hurt his knee. so we will see when he gets home. my son only has 8 teeth and has had them for a while, i guess im lucky at the moment not having the bad nights. well were going to playgroup today and nan is spose to be viviting. i had my cervical cancer needle yesturday ouch lol and again in 2 months i guess if it to help and i have to put memi in the same boat about then for the chickenpox needle unless he gets it befor that. good talking to u all cassandra