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i wont be able to make it this wed to maccas. but the week after i could prolly make it.

as my cot turns in to a junior bed, at the moment i have one side with the little rail and the other side still with the drop down bars. then if he dont seem to like the bed i can still keep it as the cot. but so far he likes climbing in and out. he got out of bed by himself thismorning. i didnt have to get up to a wingy baby. it was nice.

im not a big vegie eater. the meals i cook at the moment for me and my partner are chicken rice and chicken tonight sause. pork chops potatos and corn. my son gets his vegies. he loves them all mushed up. im just to fussy. i spose i could do spagetti and freeze half ans my chicken and freeze that and make bulk. defrost and microwave. other wise i have the continentaal pasta. thats like dinner for $1. and just cook a chop or sausage to go with it. i need to learn how to cook nice food. may be i can practice while he aint home lol

im interested in meeting up.

hello. my partner starts working in the mines in 6 days. i am happy at the moment for him to go. im 22 and our son is 15 months we live south of the river. there will only be the 2 of us and i was wondering when you cook just for yourself what do you do? im not a big cook and i found it easier to cook for 2 of us and now it will be only be and some for bubs, im worried ill stop eating unless im really hungry. [email protected]

ok.. im not married so for me to get my ds father to help was a little easier, he does most things your dh does. but at night i can manage to get him to make a milk bottle and put him in bed. but nappies and cuddles are a nother story. when i wasnt getting help after a year i think i went depressed, (with my partner) i hated any thing he did and wanted to hurt him. i went to a doc and the doc pretty much told me to leave him. so that night we had a talk and i said i would leave, i cant handle doing every thing by my self. the next day as soon as he came home from work my ds was of my hands, i got to make dinner with no distractions. it has worn off a bit again though, and now my partner is going on to mines. but i think i will handel it better ass i wint expect him to do anything to help. i will know i have to do it by my self. but my partner does want whats best for our son. my partner lookes after our sun on sundays and i work i only work sundays and sometimes sat. it gets me o...

this may already be some where in the many pages but when is a good time to move from a cot to a toddler bed? my son is 15 months and i was thinking it might be time. any sugestions, apart from personal chois, i would like posotive and negative things ao i can weigh up the options. pls thank you cassandra [email protected]

i would like to meet people. im not very good meeting people as im not a very out there person. my son is 15 months. and im 22. i work on sundays at the moment. my son is called memphis i would love to hear from ppl cassandra [email protected] i may have some ppls emails already i dont know its been a while since i been on the net

my son has started lying on the floor crying. he just drops and winges. some times because i say no others i dont know why. he is a mumas boy and wont go to dad so when he upset its always me and if dad tells him of he comes to me. memphis dosnt really like nappy change either but i give him something to play with. if he dosnt come to me i hide my face under my jumper and he comes to find me, thats how i get him to the change mat. he likes getting dressed at the moment. i can have his pants sitting in front of me and he will sit on my lap for me to put them on him, he tryes putting on shoes on himself and me. but he usuly chucks his tantrums after his afternoon nap, or after 1pm. i dont like being hard on him and my partner says im to soft. and when our son is with him its like boot camp. how it is i dont know when our son is only 15 months old. i dont think i have helped, when memi eats i feed hem about 2 spoon fulls and he does the rest. may be noah is not hungry? does he eat a ...

my son was just under 15 months and he went thru it 4 2 weeks i had to wipe him down with a flanel he wouldnt eaven have a shower. then he stayed with his nan (my mum) and some how she got him to have a bath. the 1st night he screamed but the 2nd night he was fine and now he is fine. i found it strange as we go swimming every week and he is fine with the pool but he hated the bath. my mum thinks may be he had a bath that was to hot for him at some stage. if he did it wasnt me giving him the bath as i keep an eye on the bath thermomitor. may be you need to get some one else to try bath her?? i hope she likes her bath soon. cassandra