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your son sounds clever. my son was walking from 9 months but he doesnt talk as much as yours, memphis use to say teddie (his 1st word) till his dad lost it when they went out together. memphis can say milk (dilkkk)and he puts his empty bottles in the sink(and aso rubish now) some times memphis seens to know things and other times he just dosnt. memi can also feed himself, but some times i need to help if he hasnt eaten enough. but i think reading up on development its not always correct, it also depends if your baby was early. mine was overdue. it was 6 months befor he crawled and the he was walking at 9 months, so i could also be how much you try with them, i think i need to try more. to get him to know things, loke you and the farm animals.

my son has blonde hair and not a lot he is 15 months now and it is getting longer and little cirls at the end. it hasnot had a chop yet and i dont want to have him get one.

my son has blonde hair and not a lot he is 15 months now and it is getting longer and little cirls at the end. it hasnot had a chop yet and i dont want to have him get one.

my boy is 15 months old and chucking tantrums he now lies on the floor if he dont get what he wants. my partner tells me im to soft. i dont really know either. do it back to him sofltey? i dont get hit or pinched. my buba usuly throws stuff if he gets angry. how do u fix that. all i do is yell. dont throw and take the toy away. he just looks at me!

my boy is sleeping a fair bit at the moment, i was wondering when they sleep lots and drink lots is it a sign of growing? what type of signs do peoples babys have that they are growing? you could reply to the post or message me @ [email protected] thanx

as long as people dont giv out info they dont want to, you should be fine. talking to ppl over the net can be safe if you make it. may be he is worried you will talk to a guy and dump him?? you get to talk to people about your child, about worries you have it helps you cope better, you ask people how they have handeld things. i only have my mum who lives in the same state as me so talking to other mums about babys and kids, gets a lot of my chest they know what i mean they understand, a lot of friends cant comprehend what your going thru, unless they have kids of there own. i hope you can talk him around. it helps mentaly to talk to others.

name cassandra age 21 status defacto state WA (sor) children: 1 baby boy 17/04/07 memphis msn or email [email protected] hope to hear from people cassandra

whats ur email do u have msn? im from freo my msn or email is [email protected] i have a almost 4 month old boy im 21 my name is cassandra, hope to chat soon

my bus is almost 4 months i am just wanting to get ideas befor i start trying on the solids. plus its a new processor and they dont have recipies for baby food in the book. but i like the idea you can put them in ice trays. i would never have thaught of that. i have a little while before bubs will eat solids he aint to interested in farax yet. just want to build up baby recepies. or are there any good baby food recipie sites? apart from the huggies recipies? thank you [email protected]

my buba will be going on to the solids soon. im not to crash hot on the jar and tin stuff i would like to make my own, we have recently braught a food processer/blender, but im not shure what foods babies like best any ideas?