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i know most people wont like what i do but when my baby wouldnt sleep it was the only way to get him to sleep, we tryed every thing. the way i found out was when baby was restless(tirdness) we put teddy near his face and he grabed hold of the teddy pulled it near his face and closed his eyes, and was asleep imediantly, i would NEVER EVERY do any thing to harm my baby. but when you reach the point where if nuthen is worken your going to scream and cry and not help the baby in any way, it was all we could do. as im not one for controlled crying, i cant stand hearing my baby scream and we also live in a unit that has paper thin walls. i dont want to keep up our neighbours when they have work the next day. our baby is now sleeping better, he seems happier, im happier and im shure the neighbours are happier, but i like the input i am getting and as i am a new mum i dont know every thing, and with people offering other ways i may find a nicer way for him to get to sleep. but unt...

ok this may sound mean or rude but for the last 2 weeks my buby boy was having trouble sleeping, he would sleep with me carrying him but cry when he was put down i tryed giving him his dummy, taking his dummy away, feeding him more, but it wouldnt settle him to sleep. the only thing that does is putting a soft babysafe teddy over a bit of his head, i dont know why he likes it but once it is on he closes hie eyes and is asleew with in minutes, has any one eles found this out or dou peoplt think im mean for putting a teddy on his face? he always chuckes it of any way as babys do and i always keep an eye on him. i was just thinking if you have tryed several things and they dont work that might. my baby is now 12 weeks,

i would love going for walks, and meeting up. i live near stirling highway. in fremantle, mamphis is now 12weeks its the 10th july 06 cassandra [email protected]

ok i was told i had to be induced, they were going to use gel, they said go in to hospital at 4pm the 16th april (easter) so i went in they hooked me up to all these devises, for the contractions, and the babys heart rate, after 45mins ish they done an internal and decided they wernt going to use the gel instead the used the hook to break my water, i went thru my contractions with out any thing for a long while then i went to gas, once i could not get enough gas i got a bit upseet that it hurt so much i went to the epidural, a life saver, i got some sleep, i think i had 3 shift changes. and at 8.58am my baby son was born, there were about 7 people in the delivery room with me, the 2 midwives, 2 doctors, some were training, my baby was distresed so some one to check on him. my partner my mother im shure there were some more, but after the baby i kepr bleeding so also the gyno, oh i was also cut and they used the vaccum, the trainee put the vaccum on first and it poped of ...

hello im cassandra from freo my buby is only 11 weeks old, i want to meet people for me to interact as well as when he can play he has friends he has kinda meet every so often not just meet in the playground, if you know what i mean? i dont drive but im good with public transport. if u dont miind meeting me, the name is cassie and im 21. email or msn is [email protected]

mmy partner was great in the hospital he changed nappies all the time he gave him to me when he needed a feed, then when we got home it all stoped all of the sudden, i had to get use to it, cos he would be at work. it would have been easier if he graduly let me do it all, he also didnt have much to do with our boy till now, now our 11 week old is more alert and trying stuff. it hurt me to start with but now its alright i know as our boy grows he will slowley have more to do with him, but my partner also made shur while im at home with baby we have everything we need. which i am gratefull for. thanx dad.

my baby was born on the 17th april, just interested in what u thaught of the hospital and your treatment,

hi i had a baby in april 06 and he was born at king edward hospital too, im from fremantle and my doc recomended that hospiital. i didnt think it was to bab but it took ages to go from the delivery ward to a bed room but apart from that i enjoyed my time

hey i live in fremantle. my name is cassie, im 21 and my baby was born april 17th my email is [email protected] i would love to meet ppl in my area

my name is cassandra i live sor in fremantle. my boy was born on 17th april my email is [email protected] im also on messanger.