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louiemum started new topic Any mums in Hawthorne, Bulimba, Cannon HIll area

Hi I have a three and a half year old daughter and work four and a half days a week. Are there any mums out there that would like to meet up Friday arvo's to go to the park or a cafe etc?

Wednesday 10 February 11:43am

louiemum replied to topic never slept through at 13 months

Don't worry!! It took my daughter until 30 months and then she started sleeping through the night. We put a night light in her room (a turtle that projects stars onto the ceiling) and she has her f...

Wednesday 03 February 12:34pm

louiemum replied to topic 3 1/2 year old stomach problems with milk - please help!

maybe you could try goat's milk, apparently it is easier to digest than cow's milk. We give our daughter goats milk and she is fine. Louise

Wednesday 03 February 12:30pm

louiemum replied to topic 4yr old won't play without me around

i think this is normal, i guess he is afraid you won't be there when he comes out. my dd is 3 and she doesn't like to play on her own either. Louise

Friday 15 January 12:17pm

louiemum started new topic Walking Buddy - Hawthorne Park in the evenings

Hi there I need to get out and walk again the evenings, and was looking at walking about Hawthorne Park several times at around 7.15-7.30pm. anyone live in the area and want to join me. i don't w...

Friday 15 January 12:11pm

louiemum replied to topic will only poo in nappy

we bought a reward and said if you do no 2's on potty you can have the reward (it was a shirt with the Wot Wots on it). since then she has only pooed in toilet and is wearing pants during the day. ...

Tuesday 12 January 11:50am

louiemum started new topic Breakfast ideas

hi there, we have a 3 year old daughter, and we give her oats for breakfast most days of the week. we are finding that she can take up to 45 mins or more to eat it. she says she likes her breakfa...

Tuesday 08 September 03:45am

louiemum started new topic Hawthorne, Brisbane toddlers over 2 1/2

Hello I have a shy 2 1/2 year old dd, and was looking for a playmate her age, and also someone to chat to as well.. Fridays are the best days for us. Louise

Saturday 31 January 02:18pm

louiemum started new topic Healthy ideas for breakfast for a 2 1/2 year old

Hi there we regularly give our daughter oats with dried fruit, and then on weekends she has corn flakes, oat brits. we need some other healthy breakfast ideas. Also does anyone else have a reall...

Thursday 22 January 11:36am

louiemum replied to topic Sheets and blankets

my 27 month old daughter sleeps on a big bed and is still in a grobag which goes up to 36 months old. she is exactly the same, so we decided to keep her in the sleeping bag until she outgrows it, w...

Friday 14 November 11:49am

louiemum replied to topic Playgroup

Have you looked on the playgroup website. There is one over at Carina, which is held at the Presbytarian church on Tuesdays. Louise

Friday 10 October 12:06pm

louiemum started new topic Bedding

Hi there, we have just transitioned our little 2 yr old to a big bed. we have given her a pillow, but we haven't given her blankets as yet. she was sleeping in a sleeping bag, and we now have her i...

Tuesday 23 September 08:38am

louiemum replied to topic 20 month old coughing

hello my dd has a cold and has phlegm etc, and she has coughing fits at night. we put the vaporiser on, euky bear rub on her chest and tilt her cot up at one end so she is not lying down flat. Lo...

Thursday 03 July 08:56am

louiemum replied to topic holding breath and fainting?

hi, we were told by our doctor to though some water on their face, and then they open their mouth to take a breath. You could see if that works. Louise

Wednesday 02 July 09:03am

louiemum replied to topic 1st time away from mum...

hey there girlboy. we have a 2 year old, who is exactly the same and is being looked after by my DH while I work 4 days a week. He is now working 5 aternoons a week, and we get his MIL and a babysi...

Wednesday 02 July 08:53am

louiemum replied to topic present suggestions for a 2yr old

what about a blackboard/whiteboard. Our DD loves scribbling on it, even though it is for 3 year olds, she doesn't put the chalk of whiteboard pens in her mouth.

Wednesday 02 July 08:49am

louiemum replied to topic Won't sleep through the night!

Sorry I can't offer much advice, as our DD is still not sleeping through and she is 23 months old!! Louise

Wednesday 02 July 08:47am

louiemum replied to topic Sleeping thru the night qn- going crazy

GOOD LUCK!!! Our DD is nearly 2 and isn't sleeping through yet!! Louise

Wednesday 02 July 08:46am

louiemum replied to topic Bub wont tip up bottles or sippy cup

my dd was exactly the same so we gave her a plastic cup with a plastic hard straw and she got the sucking bit straight away. she is only now drinking from sippy cups and tipping it up to get the wa...

Tuesday 22 April 08:27am

louiemum started new topic Highly sensitive child

hi there, i have a 20mth old dd who is very sensitive to other people and loud noises etc. Does anyone else have a child like this? we have had to change our babysitter as she could not get used ...

Thursday 03 April 03:46pm
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