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jj jen

jj jen replied to topic Dog owners...

woof! all dogs need a walk everyday, if only around the block so they have can have a sniff of what's going on in the 'hood. Don't get too stuck on a breed, as dogs are individuals too! (though I n...

Thursday 20 January 04:14am
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic Help please! Perth Northern Suburbs Obstetricians and Hospitals

Hiya for private Glengarry has a good reputation. Have you looked at Osborne Park Hospital? Very good rep and midwives want to work there, which says a lot. good luck

Friday 17 April 07:56pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic Natural delivery after 3rd degree tear...

hiya i tore with 2nd and tore to same degree down the exact scar with 3rd, but the recovery from that was still easier (for me) than the recovery from the c-sec I ahd with the first. Good luck with...

Friday 17 April 07:54pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic What is everyone's opinion on baby sign language?

I have only taught my babies a coupla signs but they are brilliant and all I need to make life easy. One is "all done", so there are never any arguemtns about wanting MORE! when there in't any more...

Wednesday 07 May 06:39pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic I HAVE ZERO PATIENCE now pregnant, am I normal?

Hello Ladies, sorry to butt in but I read your posts and thought, I was there too once. You forgot to mention that all 2.5year olds make you crazy, no matter if you're preggers or not! hee hee hee...

Monday 05 May 07:52pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic Smacking - Social Taboo???

Ladies, ladies. Ok what would you do in my situation? End of a shopping trip, everyone a bit too tired to be behaving at their best. 3yr old runs up to 3mth baby in pram and bites her on the finger...

Monday 05 May 07:36pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic False Labour - Advice Please

I always say, when it's the real thing, *you'll know*. When they're practice contractions, your body is just 'practising'. When you're really IN labour, it's the Real Deal. So much more intense, pa...

Monday 05 May 07:24pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic haemangioma -birth mark

hiya now you know what it is you will see them on kids everywhere!! My oldest had one on her temple, it got slightly bigger, then faded, Now gone completely, she is 3 and 5months. Sometimes they ge...

Tuesday 15 April 07:24pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic Loss of parent, now very shy and clingy

Hi, You are amazing, your strength is inspiring. I think her being clingy is just part of the cross to bear, she must be so scared deep down inside that You will leave too. Someone experienced in...

Monday 14 April 06:49pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic Alone

HIya Keep your chin up. It is hard for a lot of blokes to connect with the baby until it is laughing and giggling and they can feel like they're getting a really good response. ie from about 4-5 m...

Monday 14 April 06:41pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic Do I need 2 change tables?

HIya I bought a new mat thing and had it set up in another room (actually in the living room) so I could do late night changes there without disturbingthe older one sleeping. Not a whole change TAB...

Tuesday 26 February 10:18pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic 3 year old birthday party ideas

HIya our recent third birthday had a "farm animals theme". ie I iced a round cake pink and put smarties on for a eyes and nose, and it was a pig (very succesful). i went through all the toys and fo...

Saturday 23 February 10:31pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic present for a my 2 year old daughter.. help any ideas?????l

hi my middle one is comgin up 2 in march and I am going to get her a dolls house, i saw Big W had one for $140 that looked excellent with furniture and everything. it's tall but skinny so wont tak...

Saturday 23 February 10:23pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic Immy

what about calling her Imagine? that's wild and out there but i think pretty cool too.

Saturday 23 February 10:18pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic Maternity Bras - When and What Brand?

HIya I bought two Elle Macpherson bras in April 2004 and I ahve been wearing them ever since. No i am not kidding, i have been pregs or breastfeeding since April 2004. and sometimes both. omigod I...

Saturday 23 February 10:13pm
jj jen


HIya I used to feel how you do, but I have changed how I felt since I read that a very young child is reinforced by more than one person saying the same thing. eg, if Mummy says "no", and Grandpa, ...

Saturday 23 February 10:09pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic nice and clean then bang!

when i got home from the shops today i realised i had spew all down my shoulder and back! No wonder people were giving me sympathetic looks! at least you had time for a shower, that's a real lovel...

Saturday 23 February 09:57pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic Lunch - can't not take anything!!

Maybe, take along the makings of a sexy punch.. ie, strawberries, orange slices, mint leaves, and a bottle of dry ginger ale (essential) and cheap orange juice. just mix it all together when you g...

Saturday 23 February 09:54pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic Mastitis with a 7 month old...

Hi i have had late onset mastistis (6-7 months)with my first two babies, and both times it happeneded after I started playing sport again , ie too much bouncing up and down with big milky boobs! I...

Thursday 21 February 10:18pm
jj jen

jj jen replied to topic Awake from 6pm - this normal?

HIya When she was around the same age as your Charlie, she would wake around the 2.30 3am time, have a feed and go straight back to sleep. Then one day, she just slept through till 7am. Funny how ...

Friday 15 February 05:12pm
jj jen
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