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Greysiberia started new topic implant bleed

Hi just wondering for those people who had implant bleeds, what day did it occur post ovulation or pre af if they know im 11dpo and last evening had a funny pain in my lower abdo not like af and ...

Saturday 24 March 06:41am

Greysiberia replied to topic symptoms?? pregnant??

Hi there, i am in the same boat as you, with both my pregnancies (1 m/c) before i knew i was preg i was complaining of a heaviness in my abdo and bloating also none of which i normally get. this ...

Wednesday 22 November 06:22pm

Greysiberia replied to topic How to know are you Ovulating?

Hi there, just wondering did you get a positive on a urine stick kit? these are really hard to predict. Go get Maybe Baby (microscope) from the pharmacy ($70) and use it every day as its a cheaper...

Friday 20 October 02:16pm

Greysiberia started new topic how similar was #2 pregnancy to #1

Hi there, I am preg with #2 due 10.04.07 so only 5 and 1/2 weeks but i had a terrible pregnancy with my first so i was just wondering how similar or different people found their 2nd or 3rd pregnan...

Friday 11 August 07:11am

Greysiberia replied to topic How long before AF returns to normal after giving birth? (TMI warning)

Hi there, can i ask how old you are? only because if you are in the ideal (biological) age to have children then your body can often bounce straight back almost as if it was never preg. i got my A...

Wednesday 09 August 11:02am

Greysiberia started new topic Anyone from Helensburgh?

Hi there i moved to Helensburgh about 3 months ago and dont really know anyone with kids here. all my friends have kids but they are still in my old suburb. is anyone else in the same situation or...

Saturday 03 June 01:45pm
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