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tommylu replied to topic What's your daily/weekly routine?

hi there,this roughly my weekly routine. Mondays:up early,prepare 3 lunch boxes,drop older ones at school then drop off DS (3yo)at daycare for a couple of hours,come home make DS (10mo) some break...

Thursday 08 June 06:22am

tommylu replied to topic 3 under 3

Hi there. I can totally understand your concern about having 3 kids under 3 its a lot of work ! i have 4 kids three under 5 and at first it was soo crazy,we had 2 in nappies so my husband would loo...

Saturday 03 June 05:08pm

tommylu replied to topic Pizza toppings

Hi there i also make my own pizzas here are some of the toppings i have tried. Mozzarella, dried oregano,cut up ham,and sliced fresh tomatoes. Mozzarella,tuna,and boiled egg (diced) i know it do...

Friday 02 June 05:25pm

tommylu replied to topic Tattoo

Hi there ! I have 5 tattoos and they all hurt ! nothing too unbearable though. my first one was when i was 19 its a small black scorpion on my breast,loved it and still do. my second is a flower ...

Wednesday 24 May 08:54am

tommylu started new topic Is it just a phase ???

Hi there i was just wondering if anyone out there had this same thing happen. My almost 5 yo is obsessed with the word SEX !! I have no idea where he heard it but he says it about a million times a...

Friday 12 May 09:16am

tommylu replied to topic Whats the best gift u could recieve for mothers day?

That sounds sooooo nice and romantic ! hope your wish comes true ! Just thinking what i would like for mothers day.... Breakfast in bed. Mum to take the kids for a couple of hours so hubby and i ...

Friday 12 May 07:19am

tommylu replied to topic weightloss

Hi there,i havent tried the ones you mentioned but about 3 years ago after having my third son i went to see the doctor and she gave me worked great,lost heaps of weight(15 kilos) the o...

Thursday 11 May 07:19am

tommylu started new topic Whats your baby's favorite song ??

Hi there,i was just wondering if your bubs have a fav song , my little man(9 months old) looooooves the Shannon Noll song "Lift" it must be from all those nites of watching the biggest loser LOL . ...

Sunday 07 May 03:43am

tommylu replied to topic sultanas

Hi There. My little man just turned 9 months and ive given him sultanas and he loves them ! i put them on his highchair tray keeps him entertained for a while. just keep an eye on him to avoid cho...

Sunday 07 May 03:38am

tommylu replied to topic Needing a break

I agree that life with kids is really damn hard,i have 4 of them! so i know ! but try to get some time off away from them if u can,you'll be better for it and your kids will too! my husband and i h...

Tuesday 25 April 05:48am

tommylu replied to topic babies born in august 2005

Hi there ! My son Matias Sebastian was born on the 1st of August a couple of days before his due date.he was born via c-section at the Royal North Shore Hospital,Sydney. He weighed 3.795 kg. He is ...

Wednesday 28 September 06:09am
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