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KTAB3A replied to topic Problems with ex getting worse

I have 2 issues like this to deal with. i have 2 boys and they have differnt dads both relationships fell apart. ive been going through mediation with one and the other now wants to start. I have ...

Tuesday 26 May 05:40pm

KTAB3A replied to topic Anyone recommend a carseat??

Yeah safe n sound are good, there are heaps of different types personal choice what you like. Babylove are also really good and are a bigger seat so will fit small babies and older toddlers as well...

Friday 01 May 06:41pm

KTAB3A replied to topic booster seats

You mean booster cushion. In my view there pretty useless and not safe. There only meant for older children to lift them higher off the seat to see out the window. There is no support or protection...

Thursday 30 April 04:17pm

KTAB3A replied to topic Infa Vario-Max booster. Opinions?

Excellent! It's also called infa voyager at some places. We have one and i love it! My partner and i have 3 cars plus my folks have the kids sometimes so we have got/tried several; a hipod barcelon...

Tuesday 21 April 05:54pm

KTAB3A replied to topic baby shoes

big w, best & less and kmart have a nice range and cheap to

Monday 16 March 08:14pm

KTAB3A replied to topic chest clip for infant car seat

i think its called a secure strap and most baby shops should have them

Monday 16 March 08:11pm

KTAB3A replied to topic fussy eating toddlers- any tips to deal with this

i have the same problem with my 4 yr old. his difficult to get to eat anything and he will starve himself and refuse to try anything new so i do give in a lot and let him have what he wants. his so...

Monday 16 March 08:01pm

KTAB3A replied to topic Which is the best booster seat to purchase? SnS Maxi Rider AHR, Infa Vario-Max, Hipod Barcelona??

i think your being a bit rude "my happy kids". She was after opinions not criticisms and judgement. And implying that money is more important then her childrens safety is just wrong, its hurtful an...

Thursday 19 February 08:46pm

KTAB3A replied to topic my boys too big for his car seat!

We go out a lot and dont always have time to take my sons car seat and booster in and out so my son actually has 3 boosters. One in my car, one in his dads and one in nan and pops. I have a Babylov...

Thursday 19 February 08:26pm

KTAB3A replied to topic Car Safety for 18Month Old

i think you should go for the babylove toddler rider/saferider depending on model. you get it from big w for around $160. there great even my 4 yr old still fits in it with heaps of room and comfy....

Wednesday 04 February 12:46pm

KTAB3A replied to topic Good eater gone BAD

my son was a good eater as a baby but now as a toddler im lucky if i can get him to eat anything. He has a bit of cereal or toast of a morning sometimes, sometimes snacks like apple or musli bar bu...

Monday 20 October 08:49pm

KTAB3A replied to topic protector harness with infa vario max.. difficult to use??

the protecta harness is exactly like the other harness with the adult seat belt only it comes in 2 pieces not one to be thread through holes in boosters not over the top. And its adjustable from th...

Monday 20 October 08:09pm

KTAB3A replied to topic BEST CAR SEATS?

I have a Safe n Sound 'super safegaurd' colour granite i think its called. Its been great. I got it when my son was born his now 3 n a half & it still looks like new. Its reversable, has 3 postion ...

Monday 20 October 07:59pm

KTAB3A replied to topic VERY confused re feeding solids etc!! please help!

babies can start on puree baby food from 4months depending on the baby & if there showing an interest in food & disinterest in the bottle or still not satisfied after a feed. I started with puree f...

Monday 20 October 06:59pm

KTAB3A replied to topic Protecta Harness

The protecta is for boosters with the slots to feed it through just like a car seat would have it, its in 2 pieces to do this not one like the other harness. Its not just for maxiriders its for any...

Tuesday 14 October 06:45pm

KTAB3A replied to topic 3 babies and no room

Maxiriders take up a lot of room so i very much doubt they will fit with the other two. I suggest the safe n sound compaq, mothers choice, or gosafe, zuzu, these are smaller seats for the baby & po...

Tuesday 14 October 06:33pm

KTAB3A replied to topic what pram for children born 3 yrs apart

i have a jogger with a toddler seat my kids like it. easy to steer around shops etc. mines a valco runabout. my boys are 5 months & 3 & a half. I also saw one the other day thats a stroller with an...

Tuesday 14 October 06:13pm

KTAB3A replied to topic Petition to bring back old huggies nappies - before the "improvements"

i think its unanamous we all hate the new nappies. Ive used higgies since my 3 n a half yr old was born n was happy to pay the extra for them for they were the best. But now the price is increased ...

Monday 13 October 07:57pm

KTAB3A replied to topic toddler loves watching "in the night garden"

my son likes it to but i wont let him watch it. he talks jubberish enough this only makes him much worse. his 3 n a half n still doesnt talk properly. i think this show is ridiculous & should be ba...

Wednesday 01 October 03:29pm

KTAB3A replied to topic Booster Seat help please

Boosters should not be used on a child under 3 period! Booster cushions not under 7 & both never without a harness, thousands of children die every year because of being in the wrong seat or booste...

Wednesday 17 September 05:36pm
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