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Goofee replied to topic Haleigh started to walk today:)

Yes. It feels very good. Few days ago my daughter did the same thing. She usually scared of pushing the walker helper, and one day she just stood up and start push and walk happily..... i was so ...

Wednesday 19 July 07:07pm

Goofee replied to topic How old was your baby when they started holding their own bottle of milk and feeding themselves

The first time my baby holds her own bottle is around 6 month old...... This is the only time until she is around 9 month. She only holds when she is happy to hold. However, she starts to hold all...

Wednesday 19 July 07:03pm

Goofee replied to topic SALT

well, i think once is ok! just give her more water so she can dilute the salt. just becareful next time! take care

Wednesday 05 July 09:02pm

Goofee replied to topic 1st time mum "just how scary is labour"

ur bubs due day is similar to mine except mine will be 1 yr old by then. by reading ur concerns brings back my memory of in labour. my bub didn't come on the expected date and three days after the ...

Thursday 29 June 02:36pm

Goofee replied to topic Solids Question...

I start to give my bub some baby rice when she was 4 month old. At first she seems not liking it, cos she is not use to taking the solids. After few try will be ok. I do still give my bub bm/bott...

Thursday 29 June 02:12pm

Goofee started new topic Is Bottle milk still the main food for little bub?

I heard from my council nurse says that formula will be the main food source for little bub until they are 12 month old, is this true? Well, i've been offering formula to my little girl most of the...

Sunday 25 June 07:05pm

Goofee replied to topic 10month old dinners

yup! i practically give my bub a little bit of what we eat at around 9.5 month.... however, i do be careful at the spice and salt if the dish is light and not salty, then i give to my bub..... howe...

Wednesday 14 June 07:58pm

Goofee replied to topic What do they do when they are starting to crawl?

yup.... my girl did the moving around in circle as well. this is when she wants to start to crawl.. it took her around 2 month b4 she starts to crawl very smooth and fast...... the fun thing is b4...

Wednesday 14 June 07:44pm

Goofee replied to topic when do they sit up?

hi beth my little gil sits up by herself at around 5 to 6 month and can hold on to something and stand by herself around 7 month and is now 10 month old, and like to walk along while hold on to so...

Wednesday 14 June 07:37pm
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