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sw replied to topic 36 weeks postior position

i was told to crawl around the floor, straddle a chair with no arms backwards, sleep/lie on my left side and swimming (doggy paddle). my baby didnt turn and i had a forcep delivery but hopefully yo...

Friday 06 April 06:41pm

sw replied to topic Sleeping on top of sheets

my 14 month old sleeps on top of her covers as well. if i put them on while shes awake she'll kick them off. she also tosses and turns all night. on cold nights other than jumpsuits and sleeping b...

Wednesday 21 February 11:03pm

sw started new topic touching herself 'down there'

i know kids explore everything just wondering how long it lasts? shes 14 months.. should i ignore or inform ( thats your ...) her?

Wednesday 21 February 07:12pm

sw replied to topic rocking/head butting during the night

not sure if this is daughter bangs the back of her head on doors. i read its because they can make a loud noise and get their parents attention... it said to tell them no then ignore i...

Tuesday 06 February 06:11pm

sw started new topic head engaged

when does the babys head usually engage? im 33 weeks and it has, is this early for a second baby? my first didn't until 41 weeks.

Tuesday 06 February 05:40pm

sw replied to topic Another baby? Now or wait?

im due to have a baby in march and when it comes i'll have a 15month gap between them. my mum had 5 kids and she said it was better when the gaps were close as the babies entertained, played and ...

Tuesday 09 January 10:35pm

sw replied to topic 9 month routines

Average day at home with mum 9:30am-wakes for 1st bottle while i have brekkie 9:40am has jam toast 10:00am crawls around lounge room playing makes huge mess 12:00pm has 1/...

Saturday 30 September 05:56pm

sw replied to topic Epidural/Spinal Tap - Anyone had that bad experience?

i had an epidural 4hrs into my 12 hour labour and the only pain i felt was from my 'support' people. the dr apparently bent 4 needles in my back. the part that hurt was my hands that were crushed w...

Saturday 30 September 05:34pm

sw started new topic new nappies girl sizing

my baby is in walker nappies and im having more trouble changing her since they changed. i cant seem to centre the nappy on her straight away and one of her bum cheeks always seem to hang out. the...

Saturday 30 September 05:15pm

sw started new topic discipline

at the moment my 9 month old is into everything. when she does dangerous things ( stands in the bath etc ) i tell her no and she just looks at me then laughs is there a way to teach her 'no' that w...

Saturday 30 September 05:05pm

sw replied to topic Do you remember the pain of your labour?

i was reading something and apparently after giving birth the brain in females release something to make them forget the pain of labour they can remember that it hurt but not the actual feeling. th...

Saturday 26 August 07:05pm

sw replied to topic Induction..have u had one..?

i was induced on the 26th dec 05 the midwife applied gel to my cervix at 4pm and then again at 11pm i was then given panadene forte and sleeping tablets and when to bed (in the hosp) i woke at 12am...

Saturday 26 August 06:54pm

sw replied to topic GRRRR BOYS AND THEIR TOYS!!!

this might sound awful but i play my ps2 and psp like the boyz i used to play while breast feeding her which meant she could feed for longer without me getting too impatient. once she was older sh...

Saturday 26 August 06:21pm

sw replied to topic Ideas for prezzies for 1yr old please?

my little girl is 1 on the 27th dec as well! i already have stashes of pressies 4 her. shes getting a little people dolls house and accessories, a pop onz table and blocks, a puppy surprise and som...

Saturday 26 August 05:38pm


I hate the people that come to the door to flog their religion 2 u... last weekend i was enjoying a sleep-in (i live with my parents mum watches bubba on friday nights) and at 8.30am i heard a knoc...

Sunday 06 August 08:13pm

sw started new topic how can i see her teeth?

i have a 7 month old with 3 teeth at the bottom i think her top teeth are coming thru but she clamps her mouth shut whenever i try to feel them. ive tried other sneaky tactics like looking when she...

Sunday 06 August 07:52pm

sw replied to topic anyone changed when bub arrives?

a mother at playgroup hasn't picked a name for her baby yet...its 9months old!

Sunday 06 August 07:30pm

sw started new topic i feel crazy!

has anyone else started doing strange things when their minds slip during pregnancy?? the other day i was watching a dvd and i noticed the sony ps2 was on and i thought my mum must have left it on ...

Sunday 06 August 07:25pm

sw replied to topic 14 and have a baby

I was 17 when i had my baby. Is it just me but after buying all my babies furniture,clothes, toys,accesories etc... i did'nt get much change from the $3000. 'Girls' who do it for the money are CRAZ...

Sunday 06 August 07:11pm

sw replied to topic Has Anyone Used Bio-Oil While Pregnant?? Is It Safe?

no matter what stretchmark creams, ointments or lotions you use, none will ever work. stetch marks start deep in the skin and work their way out. my doctor said not to waste my money on them

Sunday 06 August 06:52pm
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