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shyone started new topic sleep without wrapping

Ds 2 is 8.5 months old and he is still wrapped to go to bed. We have tried to wrap him loosly but as soon as he unwraps himself he wakes and is awake for hours and once he gets wrapped again he go...

Tuesday 27 October 08:23pm

shyone replied to topic Anybody over 30yrs and pregnant??

Congratulations I had my first ds when i was 32,nearly 33, and my second ds 34, nearly 35.

Monday 24 August 04:32pm

shyone started new topic Need some advice please

Hi, This is going to be a long post so i apologise in advance. My ds1 (2.5yrs)has been sleeping in a big bed for some time now (about 1-1.5yrs)for his daytime sleeps but absolutley refuses to sle...

Thursday 13 August 09:55am

shyone replied to topic Losec

Thanks ladies, We were told not to crush the tablets though, that it will dissolve into granules and that the granules are what does the work. But still he screams the house down after the first d...

Wednesday 08 July 04:21pm

shyone started new topic Losec

Hi Ladies, Going from my other thread asking about reflux, my ds was put on zantac, then taken off it due to it not making any difference. Anyhow he was off it for a couple of weeks until i could g...

Tuesday 07 July 09:44am

shyone replied to topic please help! Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottle trouble...

I used these bottles with ds1 and i found some of the valves weren't seperated so i had to stick something, like a flat ended skewer, down it slowly and gently to seperate it properly and then,of c...

Friday 03 July 04:50pm

shyone replied to topic Strollers for 2

Hi fomo, I didn't really have any luck finding what i was after. I am still not sure if i am happy with my choice, as i felt like i rushed into it as bub was 10 weeks and still being carried in a c...

Wednesday 01 July 04:57pm

shyone replied to topic what do you think i should do - reflux

Thanks for all of the advice ladies. To answer CaTieKinz he is on karicare gold so i used karicare ha ar and he still will have nothing to do with it - it must taste different. To all the mums that...

Friday 12 June 04:46pm

shyone replied to topic what do you think i should do - reflux

Thanks for the reply twinklebum. After i read your post i purchased some ha ar, which is the one my mothercraft nurse suggested but he won't drink it, he just screams. Now i have changed the teats ...

Wednesday 10 June 08:45am

shyone started new topic what do you think i should do - reflux

Hi there everyone, Is there anyone out there tonight that can help me, i am in two minds at the moment and not sure what to do. It's simple really. My ds2 (16weeks on friday) has just been started,...

Thursday 04 June 05:38pm

shyone replied to topic Whats Good for you last night?!

Hi, It took a couple of days for them to be uploaded they are on the site now, well the muffin one is anyway. [Edited on 25/05/2009]

Tuesday 26 May 04:19pm

shyone replied to topic Routine for a 3 month old

Ds2 is 12.5 weeks and i think he is going through the growth spurt because he has become very fussy with his feeding but before this he had put himself into a routine of 7.30am feed then play ba...

Tuesday 12 May 04:28pm

shyone started new topic Strollers for 2

Hi Just wondering if you lovely ladies could help with your advice. This is long and i apologise. I have been looking for a stroller for my 2 children, 12 weeks and 2 years, i am quite fussy so i ...

Monday 04 May 06:34pm

shyone replied to topic Save Our Sleep (Tizzie Hall) & Catnapping.....HELP!

Hi, I did the tizzie hall thing with ds1 but with ds2 (11 weeks)i am not as strict, he has found his own routine which is close to hers anyway but i started a post about resettling because ds2 star...

Friday 01 May 05:19pm

shyone replied to topic Where to have the bassinette & Cot

Hi there, I don't know if this helps but with both of my sons i had them in the bassinet right beside me. With ds1 he was still there until he was around 4 months then we moved him into his own ro...

Thursday 30 April 04:55pm

shyone replied to topic Resettling

Thanks for the response 2SweetGirls. I just got off the phone from the tresillian 24/7 help line to see if they had any ideas, we went there with ds1. I explained what has been happening and she,...

Saturday 18 April 03:58pm

shyone replied to topic massive wind issues - HELP PLEASE!

Hi there, Have you tried infants friend, it has always worked for us. It helps with a range of things and wind is one of them. The other thing that is helping my 9week old is an ostepath, he used p...

Friday 17 April 04:43pm

shyone started new topic Resettling

Hi everyone, I don't know whether i should put this in here or baby but anyway. My ds2, 8.5 weeks, used to settle himself to sleep and sleep for the 2 - 2.5hr maybe even 3hrs at times, then dh had ...

Wednesday 15 April 04:57pm

shyone replied to topic How much did your baby weigh at 4 weeks?

Sounds about average to me my son was 3890gms (8p 9.5oz) born and at 4 weeks he was 4840gms (?p ?oz) so he had put on 950gms. When i roughly worked it out your little girl only out on 1kg so there ...

Friday 10 April 05:23pm

shyone replied to topic Any Feb 09 bubs?

Hi everyone, It doesn't look like there is many of us at the moment. Well i had my little boy 13th feb. We/I had a personal rough start but we are getting there, or more to the fact i am getting th...

Thursday 09 April 05:52pm
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