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yas01 replied to topic bit personal but... no sex drive?!

Wow I dont feel alone. My wee man is 5 1/2mths and I am just so tired etc I just dont have the energy. Yes during is great but its the getting prepared I just dont feel it. I went to the Health ...

Tuesday 17 July 06:53am

yas01 replied to topic Back to work

Hi I returned to work when Rory was 12 wks old. He is now 4 1/2mths. I work 3 full days a week and he goes to daycare for those days. He loves it. I have noticed that he is so much more stimulate...

Wednesday 13 June 06:53am

yas01 started new topic Help I am so tired !!

Hi all, My wee man is 11 days old (I know very young) but how often should he be getting up thru the night. He averages waking every hour for a feed then I find it very hard to settle him. I feed ...

Tuesday 20 February 03:31pm

yas01 started new topic Our wee man is here!!

Our darling wee man Rory arrived 08 Feb 2007, 8.10pm 3 days late. 7 pound 11, 53 cms long and masses of black hair. Had a bit of a struggle with the labour but had a wonderful midwife and a great t...

Tuesday 20 February 03:18pm

yas01 started new topic Swelling

Hi there I am 36 wks & 4 days and have had slightly swollen ankles & hands for about last month. But today my ankles & feet are huge they ache and my hands are swelling and feeling quite tingly. ...

Friday 12 January 07:55am

yas01 started new topic Twitchy legs!!??

Hi just wondering does anyone else suffer from this. I am 24wks preggy and for the past couple of weeks while I am in bed my legs either go dead or twitch really bad. Last night it was crazy and ...

Tuesday 17 October 05:58am

yas01 started new topic People say Im tiny

Hi there Im 23wks today and I am a tiny person alway have been. I definetly look pregant but am getting very annoyed when people including strangers say how tiny I am for nearly 6mths! We went to...

Tuesday 10 October 01:22am

yas01 started new topic Movements slow?

Hi there I am 21 weeks on Monday and have been feeling movements for the last couple of weeks not a lot but little knocks etc. The past few days it has slowed down. Is this normal? My partner wh...

Sunday 24 September 02:10am

yas01 started new topic Stupid bickering!

Hi everyone, I am 20 weeks & 2 days preggy and my partner & I cant stop bickering over stupid little things. This morning we agured over a bunch of flowers!! We went to town over it I couldnt be...

Thursday 21 September 02:45am

yas01 started new topic Moody?

Hi is anyone feeling like me? I am 17wks & 3days and I am that moody & shi**y. Everything seems to get to me. At work the littlest things sets me into a frenzy. I work with my partner also which ...

Wednesday 30 August 09:59am

yas01 started new topic First Movements??

Hi all Being a first timer what do the first movements feel like. I have been told they feel like bubbles popping, butterflys, flutters. I am 16 weeks and for last couple of days have felt like l...

Tuesday 22 August 02:06am

yas01 started new topic No financial entiltements

Hi, just got off the phone from govt departments and I am devasted. Apparently my partner & I earn to much and we are not entitled to any financial help of any sort!! I feel like I have been run o...

Tuesday 08 August 11:00am

yas01 started new topic Inlaws not want anything to do with me or bubs

Hi all, wondering if anyone has is going or has gone thru their inlaws not wanting anything to do with them or their baby now or when it is born. My partners parents snapped in the weekend and said...

Tuesday 01 August 04:55am

yas01 replied to topic Cramping??

Thankyou I thought it was normal but you know you get all uptight and worried. This site is amazing I have been looking at it each day and decided to join in. Thank you for making me feel easier an...

Thursday 27 July 10:16am

yas01 started new topic Cramping??

Hi there, this is my first time on this site and wanting a little advice. I am 12 and half weeks and today I have a very dull ache on my lhs down low. I dont feel sick just feels a little like pe...

Thursday 27 July 08:50am
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