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AliceTrew started new topic when to start dating again? or ever?

I was just wondering out of intrest peoples opinions on when a single mum can start dating again. I am a single mum to my two gorgeous daughters Lilly who's 5yo and Paige who's 7 months, i was wi...

Thursday 19 April 09:41pm

AliceTrew replied to topic bad news

firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy! i would just like to say that i have been in a very similar situation- when i was pregnant me and my sis were very close with dates and i had a little gi...

Thursday 19 April 09:30pm

AliceTrew replied to topic A Name came to me in my Dream

I'd use it, it's like it's some sort of sign to you

Wednesday 21 March 01:16am

AliceTrew started new topic I think my 14 nearly 15yo sister is pregnant

Hi, strange topic, but my little sister is 15 and she has been acting kind of strange at the moment. She's really stroppy and is starting to look a little bit chubby she seems to be very conscious ...

Saturday 17 March 05:34am

AliceTrew started new topic How could he leave his children?

I was just wonderin how on earth men could just leave there children behind and forget all about them? Jay my ex is leaving to move to England and i just can't understand how he can move to the oth...

Saturday 17 March 05:27am

AliceTrew replied to topic i can't stand this morning sickness

What helped me because i had it all day every day in both pregnancies until about week 15 was i would always be eating something. Just nibble on bread all day, that's what i did and it made me feel...

Saturday 17 March 03:41am

AliceTrew replied to topic Re: My DD's Fairy Birthday Party!!!

HOW ADORABLE! WONDERFUL! I had a fairy party for my Lilly's 4th birthday too but i did it myself! it sounded absolutely fantastic! Alice x

Thursday 15 March 02:04am

AliceTrew replied to topic FREE personalised birthday invitations... if you like them!!

They are gorgeous! and so creative! I'll let you know if i want any done any time. you'll definately get loads of buyers i'll make sure to mention them to people. I think you should (like someone ...

Thursday 15 March 02:00am

AliceTrew started new topic Dad moved out of country!

haven't been on here in a while but felt i needed to vent about something. I have a baby daughter called Paige and a 6yo daughter called Lilly. Paige was a twin until her twin sister died of SIDS w...

Thursday 15 March 01:33am

AliceTrew replied to topic Fighting over sex

When i was pregnant last time I was completely turned off from having sex and me and my ex-hubby didn't have it very often at all. Jay was always a real gentleman about it and said that if I didn't...

Sunday 18 February 01:44am

AliceTrew replied to topic Should we try for 3

I think it's a great number. I am one of three girls in our family and it was great being three of us. I think 3 is a perfect number although i'd want a lot more then 3 lol. alice

Sunday 18 February 01:30am

AliceTrew started new topic Dad having nothing to do with bub

Since the split from my hubby of four years he really hasn't had that much to do with the kids. Lilly really misses him and is always asking where he is and Paige doesn't know her dad at all. Jay ...

Sunday 11 February 08:38am

AliceTrew replied to topic Hubbys Pick....please let me know!!!

I think the name is quite pretty- but there will be a serious problem when she goes to school because unless your a celebrity child you CAN NOT get away with that sort of name. I think the name i...

Sunday 11 February 08:25am

AliceTrew replied to topic Middle name for Lily?

My eldest daughter is called Lilly (although spelt with a double l) her middle name is Elizabeth, it was my middle name, my mums and her mums so it's a tradition in the family. Maybe you could use ...

Sunday 11 February 08:22am

AliceTrew replied to topic What do your children do in the holidays?

I think that children should definately be hanging around at home and getting bored and the families that are always taking their kids to museums, shows ect. i think shouldnt do it so often. Money ...

Wednesday 07 February 05:51am

AliceTrew replied to topic Bed Times for a 5 year old

I can understand how hard it is to get your daughter to bed by 7.30, i have desperately tried it but I' m lucky if its 8.30 and usually ends up at 9 anyway, it makes it hard because Paige is always...

Wednesday 07 February 05:46am

AliceTrew replied to topic my mother ruined DS's 1st birthday :(

You poor love, how sad for you. I know they say that they'll never remeber there 1st birthdays but I can understand your frustration. It sounds like the sort of thing that goes on in my family (alt...

Wednesday 07 February 05:40am

AliceTrew replied to topic please pray for my baby

Oh Cassie You poor dear, you must be feeling awful. All the women on the site are hear to support you through this hard time. My thoughts are with you and your baby at the moment Alice

Sunday 04 February 02:24am

AliceTrew replied to topic MARRIED OR NOT???

I don't think so at all, I had my daughter Lilly before I got married to her dad I think that having children is the biggest commitment that you can have to someone and it's unbreakable unlike a ma...

Sunday 04 February 02:16am

AliceTrew replied to topic Spencer -love or loath??

I Love it ! ! ! ! Alice xox

Saturday 20 January 07:23am
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