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Poppy2 replied to topic 8.5 mth old trouble settling and not sleeping through night - tried everything

Hi Nicole, I am absolutely no expert on this whole baby thing - but am constantly reading books and websites. It may be worth trying to make your daughter's afternoon sleep earlier. In alot of t...

Thursday 30 November 10:13pm

Poppy2 started new topic Wrapping .....

Hi Guys, I have been trying to wean my 6 month old from wrapping with limited success, however, I came up with a different system last night and thought there may be others who would be intereste...

Friday 06 October 05:59pm

Poppy2 replied to topic 7mth baby boy hard to settle

Hi There is a book called Sleep Right Sleep Tight and it was the basis of a sleep session I went to at the Baby Health Clinic. I thought the ideas in it were good and the fact that it was somet...

Tuesday 03 October 05:41pm

Poppy2 replied to topic Help! he wont stop scratching his head!

Hi, My 6 month old little boy has eczema and he does the same thing. One thing I have been doing is putting sodium bicarb in his bath. He seems to be less itchy and agitated after the bath. It ...

Thursday 28 September 02:42pm

Poppy2 started new topic Mothers' Group Trouble

Hi Guys, Was just wondering how many people had trouble getting into a Mothers' Group. I had to wait ages and was wondering if this was a common problem around Australia. Thanks!!

Friday 15 September 05:05pm

Poppy2 started new topic Toys at Home Party Plan

Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has been to a "Toys at Home" party? I was thinking that it might be a good way to make some pocket money, but would love to get some feedback before making the ...

Thursday 31 August 04:08pm

Poppy2 started new topic Eczema Success

Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know about a cream that I have been using that has made a huge difference to my son's skin. David's Hypoallergenic Face and Body Balm You can order online @:http...

Saturday 26 August 08:24am

Poppy2 started new topic Runabout Pram

Hi Guys I have a pram already that I love, unfortuantely it is more suited for heading out and about from the house - as it is a bit big and cumbersome for the car. Wanted to know if anyone could...

Wednesday 26 July 06:12pm

Poppy2 started new topic Fussy Feeding at 3 months

Hi Guys, My little 3 month old boy has become increasingly fussy with feeding (breastfeeding at the moment). Has anyone else experienced this? For example, this morning he woke up about 7am - f...

Saturday 01 July 04:43am
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