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catb76 replied to topic I may have been 'seeing things' but does this spider exist?

hi there, just a suggestion, but try out your local 'crystal' shop(one with a clairvoyant)and ask them about it............they might be able to give you some insight as to why you keep seeing it.....

Wednesday 09 January 07:45am

catb76 replied to topic hottest guy on tv?

i have to say dr gregory house(hugh laurie)does it for me............

Wednesday 07 November 10:13am

catb76 replied to topic Have you ever felt this way??

to start with, your kids are regards to your brother, stuff him!! i have three kids from 1 up to 8yo and let me tell you, my house looks like a tornado hit it every day but it ...

Monday 05 November 05:00am

catb76 replied to topic I am such a Bah Humbug!

i agree, we are NOT americans, and even though i celabrate all hallows eve in my own way it is more paying respects to family no longer with us(which is its proper 'use')we had next door yell trick...

Friday 02 November 05:06am

catb76 replied to topic What's your favourite flavour donut?

hot cinnamon here too, then the cinnamon scrolls.....dh likes to have 2 cream eclairs(all to himself)i'm flat out getting thru one and he never puts on any weight wahhhhhh not fair!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 31 October 04:54am

catb76 replied to topic TOO MUCH????

hey bec, my two youngest ones were on solids from early on too(ds 4 mth dd#2 2 1\2mth)dd was eating two weetbix for breaky, morning snack, one of those little decor containers of h-made vegies for ...

Tuesday 30 October 03:54am

catb76 replied to topic What does everyone think of Miss Spears situation?

Posted by: starry have to say its a little offensive,has anyone ever suffered mental illness,or know anyone who has?i beleive this is a fight she is going thru,i feel sorry for her,but hey,just my ...

Monday 29 October 07:48am

catb76 replied to topic What does everyone think of Miss Spears situation?

sorry if i offend anyone, but she should be sterilized, those poor boys and what they have had to go thru.............

Sunday 28 October 05:28pm

catb76 replied to topic What foods...

two minute noodles with the water drained off and salt and vinegar over the top!!! my mums x-mas cake(which i now have to make everyyear) gravy!!!!!on chips, bread, anything big chunk of cheese wit...

Sunday 28 October 03:04pm

catb76 replied to topic geeze its expensive!!!!!

omg, well then yeah that is REALLY expensive!!! i am so glad that we just have daycare(i call it kindy)then prep than yr1 and so on.........our fees at school are pretty reasonable(until you add u...

Sunday 28 October 02:47pm

catb76 started new topic our romantic day together..........

well my wonderful dh has a week off from work, so on wednesday when the all of the bratmonsters are at school\kindy we are going on an all day DATE!! this is our agenda so far(we have from 7:30am ...

Sunday 28 October 02:32pm

catb76 replied to topic geeze its expensive!!!!!

dont mean to sound dumb(even tho i prolly am), but is that at a daycare centre, or is that for what i call prep???(i am in qld, so we have prep, not preschool now)however my kindy that ds and dd#2 ...

Sunday 28 October 02:22pm

catb76 replied to topic Imaginary Friends

i would like to share my story here, as it could be applicable if you beleive in spirits etc. we used to live in a high set house 2 doors up from where we are now. when there was no-one upstairs a...

Sunday 28 October 03:08am

catb76 replied to topic Whats the most weirdest thing you eat?

ummmm where to start???? bbq samboys w\vegemite on sanga's toasted ham and salad(except tomato)with pineapple, mayo and mustard. macca ss with fries(you cant beat it) gerkins on hotdogs(homemade lo...

Saturday 27 October 01:45pm

catb76 replied to topic i have a BUG!

hey loving it, your not pg are you???? lol. i cleaned non stop when i was with dd#2........ but plz sneeze your bug onto me, i need it to finish my place(i did the bathtub and kitchen this morning...

Friday 26 October 11:09am

catb76 replied to topic well.... its time for......

hey s.p, wish i coulda had one today!! dd has decided that 9-11am is her nap time, and i can't nanna nap that early!!!!!!!!so i cleaned and now i am absolutely buggered and all she wants to do is p...

Friday 26 October 11:03am

catb76 started new topic CLEANING MY BATH.........

hi all, i have dd#2 alseep(due to wake anytime)and i've just finished cleaning by bath tub(you know that green stain you get from copper pipes)well i have used pretty much every expensive product ...

Friday 26 October 07:38am

catb76 replied to topic morning all

morning! i have been awake most of the night with severe toothache(sob). please, send your rain here to townsville, it would be so refreshing right now........

Friday 26 October 01:54am

catb76 replied to topic What can i do??

hi, i too would call the police, however they are probably not going to be to quick in doing so as they really don't like dealing with the 'problem' darkies(the ones who sit in parks getting drunk)...

Friday 26 October 01:52am

catb76 replied to topic Morning everyone!

yeah my little man is good at ps2 aswell, and dd#1 is good at ds so at least they'll get used, not like all the toys that sit on my floor!!!lol......... whats the weather like where you are??? we a...

Thursday 25 October 03:53am
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