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SteffyD replied to topic Late peroid, afraid to test!!!

I got a BFP!!!

Sunday 02 July 01:51pm

SteffyD replied to topic Doctors (Grrr!)

i went to a female doc coz mine always booked (he's great, known me since i was a twinkle in my dads eye! and my dad was his mate) i told her i was PG, she looked at my test that i brough with me a...

Friday 30 June 09:23pm

SteffyD replied to topic 14 and have a baby

hi, this is a little off topic, but you said something that struck a chord. firstly I totally agree with what you were saying about 14 year olds and getting PG for money and simply that young. ...

Friday 30 June 08:51pm

SteffyD replied to topic No symptoms, but pregnat?

when i was PG with DD i had no idea physically. I didn't get any major symptoms til after 7-8 weeks. Actually it was my BF (now DH) who told me i was PG and what made him realise was that i kept o...

Friday 30 June 07:43pm

SteffyD replied to topic TTC after an Ectopic Pregnancy

hi, don't know if this is any help as it was my mum who had the etopic. she had it when i was in preschool so like 19 years ago but it was pretty horrific as my dad didn't believe her and my Gran...

Thursday 29 June 08:30pm

SteffyD started new topic Late peroid, afraid to test!!!

Hi, my AF is 3 days late and i was doing a bit of reading through the posts as i went off the pill in april and had my first normal AF 29 days later which is exactly how long my cycle was before i ...

Thursday 29 June 07:43pm

SteffyD started new topic Hopefully not TMI but 'touchy' subject in the bedroom...

Hi, haven't found out for sure if I'm PG yet, but i experienced cramping around when may have been implantation spotting, changed from cramping to pulling feeling, and dull ache. Anyway when it w...

Thursday 25 May 06:50pm

SteffyD started new topic HCG Levels (may be of interest in regard to testing)

The following table is a guide to what beta HCG levels can be during pregnancy,from ' website . As you can see the range of normal levels is very wide. Weeks of pregnancy.....Days af...

Wednesday 24 May 02:13pm

SteffyD replied to topic Could This Be Implantation Bleeding?

Hi Soph, I went for the blood test yesterday. The HPT wouldn't work because my pee is way too diluted, to the extent that it is actually clear. Even when i get up in the morning. I'm just so thir...

Wednesday 24 May 01:42pm

SteffyD replied to topic Are my Names Weird?

hi! They arent weird, our lists are practly identicle! the letter K and T and L keep popping up for me. My daughters Name is Hollie- Tiarah. i chose: Boy: Kade Kaden Kai Taj Tiarn T'arn Talon ...

Wednesday 17 May 02:00pm

SteffyD replied to topic Choosing the sex of your baby

i want to have a son as i already have a 4.5 yearold daughter, i searched practically every gender selection web site there is and i did find one i liked, yet to see if they're right but check them...

Tuesday 16 May 07:22pm

SteffyD replied to topic Chinese birth chart

There are two chart styles i've come across, one where you have to change conception month and mothers age to luna years. This one said my daughter was a boy and i have concieved a girl. The other ...

Tuesday 16 May 06:35pm
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