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kylie27 replied to topic Sunbury

Hello I found you. What have you been up to today

Sunday 02 July 04:01pm

kylie27 replied to topic LOST

I must admit I am highly addicted to this show. I watch it at a friends house every week so I won't be interupted. It is the one day of the week my DP knows he can't plan anything. He has been hom...

Thursday 08 June 05:13pm

kylie27 replied to topic Leave me alone

hi manda I'm sorry to hear that you feel low at the moment. I think it may be hormones though i can't say for sure. some nights i rush home from work to see my partner and then spend the rest of ...

Sunday 23 April 05:46pm

kylie27 started new topic Do they ever grow up

Hi, I was just wondering if all males are born with a gene that prevents them from growing up or is it just my dp. He seems to be stuck at 21 at the moment and it's driving me crazy.

Sunday 23 April 02:35pm

kylie27 replied to topic What TV show are you addicted to but wouldnt usually admit to

Hi All, I have to admit to watching The biggest loser and big brother. I'm spewin i have to work tomorrow night and miss them going into the house. I used to love footballers wives when it was o...

Sunday 23 April 02:10pm
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