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beccles replied to topic After some ideas

Well last week it was every other night she'd wake up and it'd take an hour to put her to bed but from friday night it's been down hill from there. I've thought it's just ...

Wednesday 16 October 07:56pm

beccles started new topic After some ideas

My daughter has just turned two and still occasionally bf night time is my problem she wakes any time between 12 pm to 3:30am and it has been taking me up to two hours to resettle her. She will not...

Wednesday 16 October 05:11pm

beccles replied to topic 60 Minutes Selective Reduction

Wrong wrong wrong on So many levels. To myself and my husband the only way we'd consider something like that if there was a medical reason too. It broke my heart to hear and see it being done.

Monday 21 May 06:28am

beccles replied to topic Calling all parents of THREE!

I agree with the PP if you cando it with 2 then you cando it with 3. That's the way I Thought anyway. My boys were 3 1/2 and 5 weeks off of turning 2 the boys are great together they go off and pla...

Thursday 12 April 03:59am

beccles replied to topic Biting while feeding

Thanks for that Yeah I've noticed that she does the same thing when I'm telling the other two something then that's usually when she starts biting. I'll try the mouth thing

Wednesday 11 April 08:06pm

beccles started new topic Biting while feeding

Hi Every one I know this probably has been done to death but my 6 month old has her two bottom teeth and just about every time I Feed her (she's exclusivly BF) apart from in the middle of the night...

Wednesday 11 April 06:27pm

beccles replied to topic Get a life

Well Said Ladies.

Monday 06 February 11:34pm

beccles replied to topic what do you have

I have an inny and it stays in during pregnancy too.

Friday 25 November 02:05am

beccles replied to topic how long??

You can also use cold cabbage leaves too, put them on your boobs after you've feed bubs. try expressing too that helps breast milk last's in the freezer for three months or 6 months in the deep fre...

Sunday 13 November 09:45pm

beccles replied to topic how big was your 3rd

DS1 7lbs 9oz 2 weeks early DS2 6lbs 9oz 3 weeks early DD 8lbs 5 1/2 oz 3 weeks early I didn't really feel any after birth pains with my second or third.

Tuesday 01 November 01:29am

beccles replied to topic whats your favourite???

Barefeet, my slippers or thongs and sandals when going out very rare that I wear closed toe shoes

Friday 28 October 09:28am

beccles replied to topic September 2011 Babies

Our little girl came into the world on the 26th of September I was induced 3 weeks early due to pregnancy induced hypertension. We Called Her Mischa Louise and she was 8 pound 5 1/2 and was 50 cm. ...

Thursday 27 October 12:27am

beccles replied to topic Anyone actually seen the new huggies

I saw them in woolies on thursday toddler ones girls are reindeer and the boys are Santa

Tuesday 25 October 09:34am

beccles replied to topic would this annoy you

yes it would annoy me. Happened with my engagment ring. my husband and I took it back to the jewller to get resized and to start with they said yes it can be done and then because I have such small...

Sunday 09 October 10:50pm

beccles replied to topic extra fluid

I was told that there was a lot of fluid with baby too. and looked huge wasn't a problem tho.

Sunday 02 October 09:08pm

beccles replied to topic do your bubs wear singlets

Yep most defintately gotta keep those little chests, belly and kidney's warm. My DH keeps asking me when I'm not going to put one on DS 1 he's 3, I wore a singlet for as long as I can remeber and s...

Sunday 11 September 08:38am

beccles replied to topic undies

I love my bikini breifs although I do like my boyleg ones too. I have a couple of nice lacy ones in the draw for those special occasions.

Thursday 01 September 01:48am

beccles replied to topic Huggies dentist in here please

My son knocked his mouth on the bath just after he turned 2. I took him to the dentist and he said that because he was only two and because it was his baby tooth he was just going to leave it. He s...

Tuesday 23 August 06:02am

beccles replied to topic startling in sleep

Yep both my boys did this right from the day they were born, they actually checked their blod sugar levels but they were fine. Wrapping them up when they went to bed seemed to help alot. maybe giv...

Thursday 18 August 07:12am

beccles replied to topic Breast pads

I use to leak all the time with DS1 and had to wear breast pads all the time until I stopped feeding him. But with DS2 I put them in for protection but I never leaked even at night when he missed a...

Wednesday 17 August 06:04am
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