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treylace replied to topic ideas for present for 3 yr old

Does he have a Leapad. I bought my daughter one for her 3rd birthday in March and she absolutely loves it. She really enjoys books and reading which is why I went for the leapad. She got the boo...

Saturday 07 April 05:07pm

treylace replied to topic What movie/dvd does your child love?

Emma loves Toy Story (1 & 2). She got a pull string Woody for her birthyay (March 15) and she tells me its still her birthday until she gets a big Buzz lol (which she is getting for xmas). She al...

Saturday 07 April 08:29am

treylace started new topic Playgrounds

Does anyone know of any decent playgrounds between Paralowie and Seaton. We are meeting up with DPs sister and her two kids (7 & 9) for Easter and thought we'd make it informal this year and just ...

Saturday 07 April 04:46am

treylace replied to topic Should we start full on TT ???

I would put her in knickers all the time. Maybe try pullups fo the first few visits to the shops if you are unsure how she will go. If she is spending a few hours each evening and weekends in kni...

Sunday 18 March 06:32pm

treylace replied to topic do you sing to your babies?

I used to sing Hush Little Baby when my daughter was a baby. She has just turned 3 and it still settles her down now if I sing it.

Saturday 17 March 01:37pm

treylace replied to topic It's My 21St Birthday

Happy 21st Birthday mikaylasmum. Hope you have a great day and get spoilt rotten. Enjoy!!

Saturday 17 March 08:35am

treylace replied to topic kindergyms/playgroups in para hills/salisbury SA

They hold Kindergym at the Salisbury Rec Centre during the week and also on Saturday. The times and days are: During school terms only Tuesday: 9.30 am - 10.15 am and 10.30 am - 11.15 am Thursda...

Thursday 15 March 10:49am

treylace replied to topic Still not walking!!

My daughter was 19 months before she started walking on her own. She would cruise the furniture, walk holding one of my hands, but wouldnt' walk on her own. She only started standing on her own ab...

Tuesday 13 March 08:34pm

treylace replied to topic Are there really 19,161 members?

I'm bored to, and I have to admit I never look at the number of members, or the number online at any one time. Its hard to read in that yucky green background lol!!

Tuesday 13 March 07:48pm

treylace started new topic Multi-vitamins

I have recently started to take Blackmores Multi Vitamins and Minerals. Mainly as I was after folate (TTC #) but thought I'd get a bit of everything. But i realised after a few days that if I for...

Tuesday 13 March 07:45pm

treylace started new topic Guinea Pigs

Does anyone have a guinea pig(s) for a pet for their child? Do they get sick of them once the novelty wears off? We have a cat, but my daughter fell in love with g'pigs today at an Animal Barn we...

Tuesday 13 March 07:41pm

treylace started new topic How cute

I took my daughter (she turns 3 this thursday) to the playground yesterday and we went to a different one other than the normal one we visit. They had monkey bars there. She asked me what they we...

Tuesday 13 March 07:33pm

treylace replied to topic Good start to TT but...

It could be that she is scared to do her poos in the toilet. My almost 3 year old recently TT daughter was the same. She knew she wanted to do a poo, would ask to go to the toilet and sit on the ...

Friday 09 March 09:34pm

treylace started new topic Footy is Back!!

I'm an avid footy lover and support Port Power. Am having a great Friday night on my own (dd asleep and dp at footy) enjoying a nice scotch and watching the footy. Who else loves their footy and ...

Saturday 24 February 07:52pm

treylace started new topic JImmy Barnes

Hi Ladies My dp told me about 5 days ago that JB had a heart attack. I hadnt heard anything on the news and did a search on the net that revealed nothing. I heard on the news yesterday that he h...

Saturday 24 February 06:50pm

treylace started new topic What to get her?

My daugther will be turning 3 in a couple of weeks and I'm a bit stumped as to what to get her. We dont have much space inside so large things are really out of the question (she already has a kit...

Saturday 24 February 05:44pm

treylace started new topic She finally did it!!

I'm so excited I just had to share. My almost 3 year (in 3 weeks) old daughter has finally got the hang of toilet training. She had 2 accidents in the last 2 days and none today. We even venture...

Saturday 24 February 04:58pm

treylace replied to topic Alternatives to Drink

Why dont you try the juices made for babies/children. They are more watered down than normal juices that you buy. You can even water them down a bit more by putting half juic half water. They ar...

Thursday 15 February 12:13pm

treylace replied to topic I need help

Hi Amber I am in the same situation as you, in that my dd wasnt planned so have never been through "actually trying" to get pregnant. We are now TTC #2 and its so frustrating. If you have a regu...

Saturday 03 February 09:15pm

treylace replied to topic ovulation tests?

Hi I posted a question like this a couple of weeks ago and this is one of the responses I got. I've since gone out and bought the ovulation strips and am using for the first time this month. The ...

Thursday 01 February 08:25am
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