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mummy3 replied to topic babies with chemical intolerances

Salaicylates are chemicals found in plants. The best known form of salicylates is asprin, for years asprin was regarded as safe but in the last 30 years there have been reports os side - effects su...

Sunday 22 October 03:19am

mummy3 replied to topic share your kids stories

My 4 year old was in the toilet. He called me in and said ' Did you know there was a spider in here last night' I replied 'was there' He said ' But it's ok mum i weed on it it's dead now' Guess wha...

Friday 20 October 11:41am

mummy3 replied to topic boobah

My mum came over one morning when my kids were intensley watch the freaky looking creatures. She was gobsmacked. She looked at me and said ' What are you letting these children watch they'll have n...

Thursday 19 October 03:03pm

mummy3 replied to topic Young mums

hi i'm Vanessa i'm 23 and i have 3 children. Brandan is 4, Noah is 2 in a few weeks and Olivia is 5 months. I'm married to Daniel-30. I had lots of issues with people giving me looks and saying thi...

Wednesday 18 October 11:06am

mummy3 replied to topic Any May 2006 babies born at mater mothers

hi that sounds good my baby girl was born on the 18th may 2006 at the mater mothers. When was your bub born? vanessa

Wednesday 18 October 10:47am

mummy3 replied to topic Anyone tried the failsafe diet?????

I have tried it and it's fantastic definately worth doing. I don't do it as much anymore slowing started introducing foods back in and my 4yo is responding well.If you go into any book shop and ask...

Thursday 07 September 01:34pm

mummy3 replied to topic Happily married but cant stop thinking about other men!

hi, I don't think your a bad wife! I'm sure everyone at some time or other has fantisised about the what if's. What if i hadn't married this man! What if we hadn't had children! Would i have been...

Monday 04 September 09:09am

mummy3 replied to topic Samples - Freebies

Hi Just wondering if someone could please send me the list of sites Thanks so much [email protected] Vanessa

Wednesday 30 August 11:49am

mummy3 replied to topic baby sign language.Please HELP! Any info or comments

Hi, A few weeks ago i looked for the same thing i came across the same people why were on the kerri - ann show. There website has a free downloadable chart. It's www.australianbabyhands.c...

Friday 25 August 02:18pm

mummy3 started new topic Is my child normal

I had my first son when i was 19 and did'nt cope very well i guess i just let him run riot. My second boy came along 2 1/2 years later. Everything was fine for a while first son seemed to love lit...

Friday 18 August 03:32pm

mummy3 replied to topic Poems for Mums

A Child's Angel There was a child redy to be born So one day he asked god They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow but how am i going to live there being so small and ...

Friday 18 August 11:10am

mummy3 replied to topic housework breakdown!!!

I don't know if this will help but i was told about this website and it seems to work for me i'm also a mum of 3 and was finding it very much the same.

Friday 18 August 10:41am

mummy3 started new topic Springfield Area

Hi My name's vanessa and my husband and i have just moved to the area with our 3 children. Would love to meet other mums in the area

Friday 28 July 06:48am

mummy3 replied to topic 2006 bubs at mater mothers hospital brisbane

My baby girl was born at the mater mother's (public). On the 18th may 2006. My middle boy was born there in 04 and my oldest boy was born there in 02.

Friday 28 July 06:37am
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