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mummy6 replied to topic Anyone else have NO-ONE who can help with baby?

Yep know how you feel we have 6 kids aged 11,10,9,6,2&9months we have not been out ALONE since we had our 1st baby 11 years ago....

Saturday 27 October 05:49pm

mummy6 replied to topic my baby has eczema

Hi guys i have one the same is is 9 months today and has it from head to toe we have spent hundreds of dollars trying thing on him...The Dr even put him on steroids for a week that didn't do anyth...

Saturday 27 October 05:45pm

mummy6 replied to topic January 07 babies

Finally i get 5 min to sit and read all your posts I had baby #6 on Australia Day Jan 26 he was 7p14oz he is getting a mouth full of teeth right now but he is still a happy little thing...

Saturday 27 October 05:36pm

mummy6 started new topic Farex at 4 months top up for breast

Hi guys just thought i would let you all know what i have tried that worked for me My little man is almost 5 months i am still breast feeding but he was hungry all the time so i started farex with ...

Sunday 17 June 06:18am

mummy6 replied to topic controversial controlled crying...your thoughts

Hi guys i have just had baby #6 and i have to say that EVERY baby is different and i think do what ever works for you and your baby...Only a mum can know whats best for her own baby...Some babies w...

Sunday 17 June 06:08am

mummy6 replied to topic to cicumsise or not to circumsise

Hi i have 3 boys aged 11 10 and 12 weeks none of mine are done and i havn't had a problem so far...I didn't do mine because hubby isn't done i think it is very much up to you i worried about the ot...

Friday 20 April 05:28pm

mummy6 replied to topic I don't know what to do with my son!!

Hi where abouts in sydney are you ?Im in penrith and i would love to help you if your close enough...I have 6 kids of my own so another one in my house for a few hours would be no ema...

Friday 20 April 05:22pm

mummy6 replied to topic creating a monster?!

Hi my son is excatly the same the little monstor wont settle in anything during the day his swing cost me $250 and it still doesn't work...I am very lucky though i have older kids to keep him busy ...

Friday 20 April 05:14pm

mummy6 replied to topic What size nappy?

Hi i think it alldepends on the brand i use huggies nappies my 18 month old is still in crawler 6 to 11kg and my 12 week old is in infant just so its hard to say really going by kg's sometimes does...

Friday 20 April 05:07pm

mummy6 replied to topic Tips for painful wind?

Hi there is a medication called donalix it is the best thing i have every used to colic its just from the chemist...

Friday 20 April 04:59pm

mummy6 replied to topic Breastfeeeding and diarrhoea

Hi i would look into lactose intollerance i left a post on it on lisa75's name...I hope that can help you out.

Friday 20 April 04:51pm

mummy6 replied to topic Dirty Nappy 3 times an hour

Hi Lisa i would say its lactose intollerance..Is your baby breast or bottle fed?# of my 6 kids have had this i found some drops this time called lacteeze i give them to bubby just before i feed him...

Friday 20 April 04:49pm

mummy6 replied to topic adopting

Hi pjo how are you...I can't belive i finally got 5 mins to get on the pc i hope you are ok ill have to talk to you on msn to catch up on everything.....Love to you Leis

Friday 20 April 04:39pm

mummy6 replied to topic Mummy is his Dummy!

Hi i was told by a very old lady a few weeks ago to try pure honey as it has no sugar in it you need the one with the wax in it..A VERY small bit on the end of a dummy and your baby should take it ...

Friday 20 April 04:37pm

mummy6 replied to topic Routine for newborn and a toddler

Hi i know how you feel i have 6 kids and 4 of them at school we have sport and everything else going on in this nut house.I found the hardest thing was the monring feed i would feed Clayton at abo...

Friday 20 April 04:27pm

mummy6 replied to topic Some Advice Desperately Needed!

Hi my baby is now 12 weeks he has 10 min cat naps all day he goes to bed by 8.30 at night and sleeps all night.The days are verrrrry long with him being my 6th child i have no time for anything wit...

Wednesday 18 April 07:57pm

mummy6 started new topic Lacteze drops

Hi guys has anyone had to use lacteze drops while breast feeding ?I am trying ot find out if i can just put them into the babys mouth..Thanks

Wednesday 07 March 05:25am

mummy6 replied to topic Bath before or after a feed?

Hi i breast feed so i feed then bath then i put him back on for a few mins and he falls asleep.I try not to bath though untill about 9 pm thats after his last feed i find he is more settled then fo...

Saturday 24 February 08:07am

mummy6 replied to topic Help I am so tired !!

Hi Yas i would maby not feed him every hour i would wait at least 3 hours if he is bottle fed sometimes it could be wind dirty nappy ect not hunger when they have wind paind they think they are hun...

Saturday 24 February 08:04am

mummy6 replied to topic Infants Friend

Hi there is a good medication called donalix that is great for colic most chemists should have it.I have been putting my 3 week old on his tummy on a banana pillow about half an hour after his feed...

Friday 16 February 04:28am
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